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More than many medical professionals, chiropractors often first hear from patients when a problem has already become urgent. Sudden back and/or neck pain might prompt a phone call to your office right away, no matter what day of the week it is or what time of day (or night) the pain strikes. If someone’s there to answer the call, you’ve just landed a new client; if not, you’ve missed an opportunity and potentially lost an existing client to a competitor.

Even non-emergency calls are an important part of any chiropractor’s business: calls that are answered promptly and professionally by a live human being are far more likely to secure new clients, maintain or improve satisfaction with existing clients, and lead to the scheduling of paid appointments that add to your bottom line. Any chiropractor that lets their phone go unanswered, or who is forced to put people on hold when multiple calls come in, is losing business. It’s that simple.

Hiring a receptionist for your chiropractic office is one potential solution, though it still won’t enable you to field multiple calls at once and does nothing to help you when it comes to after-hours calls. A chiropractic answering service gives more comprehensive phone coverage at a lower expense, saving you well…a real pain in the neck when it comes to lost business.

Chiropractic Answering Services Provide Simple and Affordable Solutions

Making use of a chiropractic answering service is easy. You don’t have to change your number or add a new line (though that option is available), just sign up with the right service and they can take care of having your calls forwarded to their inbound call center. professional virtual receptionists will use personalized greetings to answer your calls, giving your clients the dedicated care and customer service they’ve come to expect.

When a call comes in during normal business hours or it meets the criteria you’ve set for emergency calls, the caller can be transferred to your in-office phone, your cell phone, or another phone line you designate. Your virtual receptionist will also be able to take messages and transmit them instantly or in the form of daily emails—whichever you prefer. They can even set appointments for you, keeping your schedule full while making sure you aren’t overbooked, and process billing over the phone to keep your revenue running smoothly.

You can focus entirely on the chiropractic work, and leave the administrative details to your answering service!

Call Today and See How a Chiropractic Answering Service Can Help Your Business

The great thing about any reliable North America-based inbound call center is that they always have live, professional agents standing by. We’re sure we have an answering service plan just right for your business, and we can even tailor plans to meet your chiropractic office’s specific needs. There’s no reason to delay, so call today!

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