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You know that the best Attorney Answering Service that understands legal intake and legal procedures is important. We’ve done the research to get you started with the right company.

Whether it be for improving communications with clients or capturing leads from a third-party resource we can help analyze your caller’s needs and provide customized recommendations to serve your clients when you are not able to.

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At one low cost, you can now have your consultations scheduled, calls patched to you while you are out of the office, and more. Agents will cheerfully screen your calls so you can respond to critical messages now, and return less important calls when it’s appropriate. In this review, we cover a complete virtual receptionist solution that is professional, image enhancing, and truly produces and noticeable ROI.

Legal Intake For All Attorneys: Personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, and criminal law are each very unique type of law with their own types of needs for telephone answering services. We’ll help you to get free from your office knowing that every call is handled exactly as you request, and if needed calls meeting specific criteria can be transferred to you no matter where you are. From court directions to case information we have answers. Get Quotes Here

Lead Generation Support: Does your law office use a third-party lead management service? If so those are calls you don’t want to miss and we can make sure they are captured 24×7. Leads can be patched, emailed, sent by text, or viewed online via a secure encrypted portal. Capturing just one of these calls can often pay for an entire month of legal virtual receptionist services. Have doubts? Most programs are try it before you buy it! Get Quotes Here


After Hours Call Support: As a legal professional, you know a fair portion of new cases will call after normal office hours. You worked hard to get where you are and you shouldn’t have to answer calls at night or on the weekends, and with an after-hours legal receptionist call center, you won’t have to. Simply forward your lines when you leave the office and you can rest knowing that your clients are receiving first-class service! Get Quotes Here

Spanish Answering Service For Attorneys: Attorneys are realizing that the ability to service the Hispanic community is an important part of business and growth. A bilingual call center that can answer calls in Spanish is a simple way of connecting with more market share. Agents can take messages from Hispanics and translate them to English for easy interpretation and this type of service does not require any added fees. Get Quotes Here

Reliable Attorney Answering Service Providers

The best answering service companies for attorneys are companies that have the following:

– Clearly lists their rates, fees, and/or pricing information on its website. They should also be transparent about how these charges are calculated so you know what your bill will look like before signing up with them or using any of the services they offer to attorneys

– Provides quality customer service by answering calls promptly (within 30 seconds) in a courteous manner; if an attorney is not available for whatever reason after three unanswered rings then it’s best practice from industry standards and guidelines suggested when dealing with law firms during busier times.

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If possible someone who specializes specifically in handling legal matters would work well here but there may often enough cases where people want this type of day shift coverage at all hours.

Review of Top Rated Attorney Answering Service Providers

Ansafone Contact Centers
101 NE Second St
Ocala, FL 34470

Ansafone can answer questions for any personal injury attorney. They are a great place to go if you want friendly customer service on the phone and off it as well, with an average hold time of fewer than 20 seconds which is important when dealing with emergencies or urgent matters where every second counts.  ABC also provides access 24 hours per day so that attorneys have someone available at all times
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Ruby Receptionist
14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr #201
Beaverton, OR 97007

Receptionist answering service takes calls for attorneys and lawyers all across the US. They have representatives who are available 24 hours a day and can even connect you to an attorney in your area when necessary with one phone call. One of the best things about this company is that they offer live updates, so attorneys get notified every time their clients leave messages or calls for them as well.
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Telephone Central, LLC
90 E 10th St
Yuma, AZ 85364

Telephone Central, LLC Is a professional 24-hour phone answering service for law firms. They have live operators answering your calls 24 hours a day, seven days per week to provide the best service possible for our clients and their attorneys. With an average of 45 seconds, response time they are one call answered before you hang up.
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AMBS Call Center
338 W Franklin St
Jackson, MI 49201

AMBS Call Center Is based in Florida and has been in business since 1984. They pride themselves on their customer service and have an impressive average call answer time of 12 seconds, which is much faster than the industry standard response rate: 30-second wait for a representative to pick up when calling any other answering services company out there.

While AMBS charges $125-$150 per month, depending on if you want long-distance included or not with your package, they also offer discounted rates based on how many phone lines are required by each law firm (more information can be found here) – The monthly flat fee includes unlimited incoming calls from clients plus 500 free outgoing minutes; additional hours must pay per minute ($0 .02/minute). Their 24-hour live helpline features experts trained specifically in handling legal matters.
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