HVAC Answering Service

Best HVAC Answering Service – 24/7 Support For Heating & A/C  

An HVAC answering service is very important for those that install or repair heat systems and air conditioners. When sudden climate changes occur like below freezing temperatures or excessively hot days these machines will go out by the masses and hundreds, if not thousands of people will simultaneously call for service. You can’t be on a job and answer all these phone calls at the same time so a virtual receptionist at a call center does it for you. Answering the emergency or after-hours call in your own company name the operators will comfort the caller, schedule a service call, or dispatch calls to your on-call staff. Trust your company to a leader in the communications field that is flexible, affordable, and that can offer customized industry-based solutions to help support your customers in their biggest time of need.

Answering Service For HVAC: It’s like having a technician on call answering your phone 24 hours a day. An outsourced call center literally becomes an extension of your heating and air conditioning business and the operators use technology that allows them to intelligently screen each call to determine your client’s needs and how the message should be dispatched to your staff. There are no ridiculous long term contracts, the service is affordable, and in most cases, your HVAC customer service line can be up in running the same day you request services.

Emergency Call Dispatching: When calls come in after hours a live agent will not only professionally answer your phone lines but they’ll also be able to know exactly who’s on call at any given point in time. Emergency service calls will be dispatched to the right person 24/7 and if their not available that’s no problem because the next technician on the list will get the call or an outcall service can be set up to keep dialing until someone is reached and your customer is taken care of. You’ll rest knowing every need is met, every time.


Appointment Scheduling: Avoid having to take after-hours calls and have the answering service schedule the appointments for you. Your team will instantly receive a text message of the address and service requested. As the owner, you may log in securely to see all service calls and follow up to ensure the completion of each job. You may use an online user-friendly calendar to dictate how much time between service calls are required and you even decide when calls can wait until the next business day for service and which require immediate attention.

Efficiently Direct After Hours Calls: In an ideal situation most of your calls will come in during normal office hours so it is not economically wise to pay an employee to answer the phones after hours. A quality call answering service provider will take telephone calls at nights and weekends and will use online protocols using sophisticated filters to determine how each call will be handled according to its unique circumstances and how each message will be sent. You can usually change the delivery of your messages in minutes.