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Saving Time Through a Phone Answering Service


Almost every small business owner is constantly trying to find ways to save time. It always seems that there are so many things to do, including office management, sales, product development, customer service, hiring, training and what amounts to a never ending to-do list. Many pieces of software, services, and third party organizations promise time-saving solutions, but in reality most of them just end being another drain not just on time, but also on your wallet. However, if you really want to find more hours in the day and make the most of not only your own time, but also your whole teams, then the solution may lie in hiring a professional answering service company to work with you.


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Your Virtual Receptionist


If you already employ reception staff at your organization, you may be wondering why you need a phone answering service. First of all, most receptionists do a lot more than answer the phones, and many of these tasks are specific to your company. For instance, they may be responsible for filing orders, entering sales into your record keeping system, greeting in-person clients or even basic bookkeeping. While a virtual receptionist can most of these things too, these tasks are all company specific and less commonly outsourced. By allowing a 24/7 answering service to field your incoming calls when the lines are busy or after hours, you save your reception staff the time of having to listen to all the messages, return calls, or route messages to the appropriate party. Instead, the answering service will take care of all of these tasks and allow your reception staff to focus on the internal tasks that only they can do.


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Answering Service for Lead Capture, Order Processing, and More


Whether you take care of sales yourself or leave it to a sales professional or sales team, an answering service will save anyone involved in sales a great deal of time. When people interested in your products or services call into your business and are greeted with an automated attendant or voicemail, they are probably just going to hang up and move on to the nearest competitor who will actually answer their call. However, when they speak to a phone answering service, they know that a real person has taken their message and will be taking action on their request. The call center will capture the lead, process sales orders, and even schedule appointments for you. This helps gather prospects at an accelerated rate, keeping your sales team busy closing deals and answering customer questions instead of searching for prospects.


24/7 Customer Service & Phone Coverage

When a person leaves a voicemail, or even sends an email to a customer service team, it is so easy for the details of their situation to be overlooked or explained unclearly. This leads to a lot of wasted time trying to second guess customer requests and meet their expectations. A 24 hour answering service can probe to get to the heart of the customer’s request so that when the information is relayed to your customer service team, they have everything they need to take swift and decisive action to resolve the customer’s request.