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Automated Answering Service – 24×7 To Serve You Better

Using an automated answering service has different benefits that can enhance the customer experience and reduce operating expenses. This solution, also called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is generally most desirable when your callers are looking for answers to commonly asked questions, such as prices, directions, a list of phone extensions, and operation hours. The caller is given a series of options to say or press a number in which their response then determines the next menu or they will receive a recoding addressing their request. This automated system reduces the cost of answering services while also leaving an option to speak with a live operator or leaving a voice mail message for a specific individual or department. An auto attendant is a simple, low cost scalable way to offer excellent customer service 24 hours a day.

How an Auto Attendant Answering Services Works: An automated answering service lets the customer call in 24×7 and receive a series of prompts to press a button or speak response to receive specific information like a company directory or business hours, leave a voice mail message for a person or in a specific department such as accounting or sales, or have a call transferred to an individual within the company roster. This often an ideal situation for call overflow handing, e-fax services, voice mail management, and conference calling.

Reduces Cost – Scalable and Reliable: Some personal communication value may be lost with an automated answering service as opposed to using a live virtual receptionist service, however for some businesses it’s the perfect solution. By reducing the time needed to talk with an operator you can significantly reduce your overall cost while still fully providing customer support services. You can generally access tremendous amounts of voice mail space and auto attendant time for one very low monthly flat rate price.


Voice Mail Services: Your customer calls in and after accessing information to commonly asked questions they may then navigate through the companies directory and leave a voice mail message for any department or staff member simply by following a series of prompts. Voice mailboxes are available with nearly unlimited space and are very reasonably priced. More importantly your callers can have the option to leave the IVR system and connect with a live person 24 hours a day.

What is IVR: IVR stands for interactive voice response and chances are you use it every day. In a nut shell it is computerized technology that makes it possible for humans to easily interact with computers by pressing numbers on their phones keypad or by speaking responses. Companies use it to save time and money by removing some of the unnecessary human interaction thus reducing pay cost and allowing employees to invest their time on other projects.