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80% of medical offices that do not compare at least two quotes from answering service companies that meet their needs will overpay. Will help you get everything you need for the right price.

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Medical Answering Service

Doctors and physicians need the best medical answering service providers to improve the quality of services offered to patients and health care professionals. Let us connect you with the best medical answering service that fully meets your needs.

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HIPAA laws have placed some difficult restrictions on medical practices and message handling must be done in a protective manner and on a secure portal that keeps patient information private and inaccessible without proper credentials. This is our review of the best medical answering service companies in America.

HIPAA Compliance

A quality virtual receptionist service for health care businesses should be able to schedule appointments, screen calls for importance, dispatch by priority, and in some cases offer a nurse triage service. In this review, we’ll help you fully handle your customer service needs and meet all required federal regulations. From Medicaid transportation and Medicaid provider information to after-hours emergency call support we have the solution for your office. Let us help you find the best medical answering service in your area.

HIPAA Compliant Answering Service: Doctors, Physicians, hospices, and surgeons all must comply with HIPAA compliant laws. That’s why we make sure you work with a medical call center that is compliant and that protects healthcare information by properly ensuring the flow of PHI transmission. From encryption and password protection to the storage of information we’ll help you with your customer service needs so you can focus on your patients. Get Quotes Here

Medical Message Handling: Discover the value of live answering services with customizable EMR interfacing and consolidated communication systems. Offering call recording, message back up, date and time stampings, outbound call service, and so much more. Ask about on-call schedules and even how you can manage your medical communications right from your iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. Get Quotes Here


Medicaid Call Center Solutions: Federal regulation requires that many states assure transportation to Medicaid beneficiaries and a 24 x 7 call center helps to meet these guidelines. From enrollee information, transportation, or Medicaid provider information services we can assist. From New York to California we have helped hospitals and health-care offices to find solutions that were affordable and effective.
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Nurse Triage Service: After-hours support that helps your patient to get quality care and advice around the clock. RN’s can be seamlessly guided through the triage process and offer responsible recommendations and follow required protocols to eliminate mistakes. Your patients deserve an exceptional experience whenever they call and advice from a trained caregiver should be an important part of your health care program. Get Quotes Here

Best Medical Answering Service For Doctors

The best medical answering service companies will typically provide a full range of services and often specialize in larger markets. The top providers were all ranked highly for their customer support capabilities as well; they’re also known to have the most diverse set of resources on hand that you can use when looking at your options with them – which is always helpful.

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When hiring a medical answering service it’s important to do your research. The following are some tips for hiring a medical answering service:

Avoid companies that list their address on the website as PO Boxes, or say “unknown” in regards to how long they’ve been around  – this is usually not a good sign of quality and safety standards

Avoid any company with an extensive history involving law enforcement lawsuits.

A Review of Top Rated Medical Answering Service Companies

There are a lot of medical answering service companies out there, and it can be hard to find the right one for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best medical answering service companies in America today. We wanted to make this list as unbiased as possible, so we gathered input from CEOs and employees at various different medical answering services around the US. After reviewing all this data, these were our top picks:

Ansafone Contact Centers
101 NE Second St
Ocala, FL 34470

Ansafone Contact Centers Logo

Ansafone Contact Centers Has been in business since the 1980s. It is a nationwide provider of medical answering service and has been committed to the satisfaction of its clients over all these years

Serving hospitals, clinics, or any type of health care facility in need  – they are not just an emergency phone line company! They offer Medical Answering Service on one call with no long term contracts which makes it easy if you’re looking at outsourcing your after-hours clinical needs

Other services that Ansafone offers include:

Secure Outpatient Reception (SOR) Private Call Monitoring, Inbound/Outbound Calling, Voice Mail,  Voicemail Transcription Services, Automated Phone Systems, more.

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4010 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062

NotifyMD logo

NotifyMD is a live medical answering service in business since 1997. Unlike answering services that are only open during the day and evening, NotifyMD provides on-call medical care 24 hours a day to hospitals as well as clinics or any type of health care facility in need. It’s not just an emergency phone line company.

The service is especially important for small facilities without their own staff available after business hrs., but it also benefits larger practices with off-site locations by providing supplemental coverage at those sites too – something no other live operator can do because they’re restricted from calling outbound numbers past clinic/facility closing time unless medically necessary (in which case we notify 911). In addition: secure outpatient reception private call monitoring custom reporting via computer software regional support technology upgrades affordable

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2507 E. Yandell
El Paso, TX 79903

MedConnectUSA logo

MedConnectUSA Started its answering service company with a team of certified professionals that are on call 24 hours every day to help you meet your needs.

They provide medical answering services, transcription services, and communication consulting for all healthcare providers in the United States they have been serving for over 30 years. MedConnectUSA was created by Michael Wulifson who is just one example of how it’s not too late if anyone has an idea or ambition but lack start-up funds because he started his company with only $800 cash outlay from savings account after being terminated as Vice President at AT&T Telecommunications Company when their downsizing occurred back 1987).

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Answer United
22200 W Eleven Mile Rd
Southfield, MI 48037

Answer United logo

Answer United Started its medical answering service in 1989 as one of the first medical answering services to come out. They have gone on and created a more advanced service than just an automated voice prompt with live operators but they are still committed to quality service.

They also provide different options for their users by providing three call plans, including Basic (150 minutes), Plus (+250 mins) or Premium(+350 min). Each plan has its own pricing tiers, which is competitively priced in comparison to other companies that offer similar features. Answer United offers same-day phone installation hours so there no waiting time between setting up everything until getting started.

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Medical Answering Service – Markets Served (and beyond): Houston-TX,  New York-NY, Charlotte-NC, Miami-FL, Sacramento-CA, Memphis-TN, Columbus-OH, Los Angeles-CA, Chicago-IL, Philadelphia-PA,  Phoenix-AZ, San Antonio-TX, San Diego-CA,  Dallas-TX , San Jose-CA, Jacksonville-FL, Indianapolis-IN, San Francisco-CA, Austin-TX, Fort Worth-TX, Detroit-MI, Baltimore-MD, Boston-MA, Seattle-WA, Washington-DC, Nashville-TN, Denver-CO, Louisville-KY, Jefferson-KY, Milwaukee-WI, Portland-OR, Las Vegas-NV, Oklahoma City-OK, Tucson-AZ, Fresno-CA, Long Beach-CA, Kansas City-MO, Virginia Beach-VA, Atlanta-GA, Colorado Springs-CO, Omaha-NE, Raleigh-NC, Cleveland-OH, Tulsa-OK, Oakland-CA, Minneapolis-MS, Wichita-KS, Arlington-TX