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Best Dental Answering Service | A Review of Top Call Centers for Dentists

A top-rated answering service can be an excellent extension of your dental office that provides world-class patient services by trained virtual receptionists handling your overflow calls or after-hours calls. Dentists today now know that regulations require that a patient’s records must securely be maintained via a HIPAA compliant system and the same is expected from the best call center service providers.

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In this review, learn about customizable message management solutions for general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, and even pediatric dentistry. Everything you need from appointment scheduling to emergency on-call roosters is available to you for one low cost without long-term agreements and hidden fees. Get your office connected with our suppliers delivering live support and call center outsourcing solutions tailored specifically to your practice.

Answering Service For Dentists: Live dental answering services keep your patients satisfied and help to retain them. From a dental emergency to urgent call transfers we can lower your office costs and quickly increase productivity by using trained medical receptionists to screen calls, manage appointments, patch emergency calls, or even offer web chat support. We can even help you attach an IVR to allow callers to chose to leave a message or speak with someone live no matter what hour they may call.

Emergency Call Dispatching: This is not treated like your day-to-day call as after-hours calls are generally emergency based. These calls can be a serious priority requiring basic medical instructions from your call center operator or immediately dispatching the caller to the dentist on call. Agents are trained to screen phone calls to accurately determine the urgency and the best way to resolve the patient’s medical emergency. Operators are often trained on dental terminology to better detect the severity of each call received.


Appointment Setting Services: Have initial consultations set up, new appointments scheduled, or even have existing appointments canceled or rescheduled via the call centers secure online website interface or using your own appointment scheduling software. Literally have your patients treated just as your own staff would treat them, only all hours of the day, including holidays. Increase your productivity with a competitive edge that delivers top-notch service needed in today’s tough business climate conditions.

No More Missed Opportunities: When a prospect calls for service and reaches a machine they understandably call another local provider. When you outsource the calls you can’t answer you’ll know for sure that there are no longer any missed opportunities because ever caller talks with humans, can schedule appointments, or have questions answered. Calls are generally recorded and then tagged with the date, time, and caller ID to make follow-ups even easier. A simple low-cost solution that just makes sense.

Best Answering Service For Dentists

We have compiled a list of the top dentist answering service companies. We have interviewed dentists in your area to determine which services they believe are best and then ranked them based on those interviews. This is not an objective ranking; we are strictly looking for personal opinions from dental professionals who work with these providers day-in and day out.

Dentist Answering Service Review

It can be a difficult task to find the best dentist answering service companies. We have done the research for you and put together this list of top companies in the country. Our reviews will highlight what they offer, as well as any other pertinent information that will help make your decision easier.

In this review, we looked for details on excellent customer service, quick response time, and pricing.

Cons: Expensive fees and not the best support for HIPAA compliance requirements.

Pros: Great rates with many options available to choose from on a monthly basis; responsive staff that is always happy about helping customers out. Convenient scheduling through phone or email option.

Comparing all these providers side by side makes sense when looking at how easy each company has made their services accessible 24/hrs per day via live chat agent availability.

Appletree Answering Services
4739 Belleview Ave # 304
Kansas City, MO 64112

Appletree Answering Services logo

Appletree Answering Services has been in business since 1993 and provides 24/hrs per day live operators.

Their answering services are flexible with rates based on a client’s specific needs, which is great for those who don’t have an exact idea of what they need to run their office smoothly or if the price fluctuates often due to changes in number call volume each month.

Appletree Answering Service offers a variety of features such as on-hold music, messaging to the client while they are waiting for their call, and more.

They have a really nice menu system that filters down clients by specific needs such as physicians or dentists who need after hrs answering services where an operator can screen calls before forwarding them through in case of emergencies so doctors don’t get interrupted when there is no emergency during business hours. They also offer transcription which could be helpful if you want your voicemail messages transcribed into text format then sent back via email without having someone actually listening to all those recordings – perfect solution. Their prices start at $24 per month with unlimited incoming phone lines included plus a free setup fee. Appletree has been named a Best Overall answering service solution for dental offices.

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555 State St #204
Orem, UT 84058

NovusCall Logo

NovusCall started its answering service business in the year 2000. Since then, the company has been providing quality answering services for dental offices and other medical practices that need after-hours assistance in handling calls from patients who have emergencies or are simply looking to schedule a follow-up appointment with their doctor.

One of NovusCall’s best features is its 100% privacy guarantee – which means they will never give out any personal information about your practice without explicit permission. The staff at this top dentist calling services always use professional language when talking on behalf of an office so as not to put off potential new customers because you want people feeling comfortable using what should be considered one more layer between them if anything ever does happen during business hours.

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MedCom, Inc
3818 River Dr
Columbia, SC 29201

MedCom, Inc logo

MedCom, Inc has been offering its services since 1978. The company has been serving the dental industry for over 40 years and is a leader in providing reliable answering services to its dental clients all across the USA.

MedCom answers phone calls on behalf of each practice; which means that when patients call your dentist’s office they’ll be greeted with a friendly voice instead of an automated messaging system or machine.

Review: Medcom was very good at handling phone traffic even during high volume periods. They go above & beyond by being willing to work weekends as well, something that not all services are able to do because it’s more expensive than normal operations hours (some may even charge double).

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Call Experts
500 E McBee Ave
Greenville, SC 29601

Call Experts logo

Call Experts is the perfect answer to your call center needs. They offer coverage for dental emergencies after these times through their 24/hours onsite operator service. This means that when dental patients need assistance they can get it immediately without having wait until morning like some other answering service companies do.  Call Expert’s live operators are also accustomed to handling high volumes so there should never be an issue getting in touch if necessary.

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