Dentist Answering Service

Dental Office Answering Service – 24/7 Support For Dentists

An answering service can be an excellent extension of your dental office that provides world-class patient services by trained virtual receptionists handling your overflow calls or after-hours calls. Dentists today now know that regulations require that a patient’s records must securely be maintained via a HIPAA compliant system and the same is expected from your call center service providers. Learn about customizable message management solutions for general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, and even pediatric dentistry. Everything you need from appointment scheduling to emergency on-call roosters is available to you for one low cost without long term agreements and hidden fees. Get your office connected with our suppliers delivering live support and call center outsourcing solutions tailored specifically to your practice.

Answering Service For Dentists: Live dental answering services keep your patients satisfied and help to retain them. From a dental emergency to urgent call transfers we can lower your office costs and quickly increase productivity by using trained medical receptionists to screen calls, manage appointments, patch emergency calls, or even offer web chat support. We can even help you attach an IVR to allow callers to chose to leave a message or speak with someone live no matter what hour they may call.

Emergency Call Dispatching: This is not treated like your day to day call as after-hours calls are generally emergency based. These calls can be a serious priority requiring basic medical instructions from your call center operator or immediately dispatching the caller to the dentist on call. Agents are trained to screen phone calls to accurately determine the urgency and the best way to resolve the patient’s medical emergency. Operators are often trained on dental terminology to better detect the severity of each call received.


Appointment Setting Services: Have initial consultations set up, new appointments scheduled, or even have existing appointments canceled or rescheduled via the call centers secure online website interface or using your own appointment scheduling software. Literally have your patients treated just as your own staff would treat them, only all hours of the day, including holidays. Increase your productivity with a competitive edge that delivers top-notch service needed in today’s tough business climate conditions.

No More Missed Opportunities: When a prospect calls for service and reaches a machine they understandably call another local provider. When you outsource the calls you can’t answer you’ll know for sure that there are no longer any missed opportunities because ever caller talks with humans, can schedule appointments, or have questions answered. Calls are generally recorded and then tagged with the date, time, and caller ID to make follow-ups even easier. A simple low-cost solution that just makes sense.