Best Answering Service Companies of 2023

Top 10 Answering Service AwardAre you looking for a top 10 answering service for your business? We can help you decide. Here we list the best answering service companies in 2022.

If you’re going to want your business to stay competitive you’re going to need to think about getting a top-rated answering service.

Your business loses potential revenue every time a potential customer calls and reaches voicemail. Forbes found that as many as 8 out of 10 people will hang up when reaching a recording.

But which of the scores of answering service companies will work best for you and your company?

We’ve assembled a list of the ten best answering service providers to consider.

Best Answering Services Review

Whether you’re a plumber or part of a law firm, or whether your goal is to make a great first impression during office hours or getting new clients through lead generation after hours, these 10 answering service companies were part of a review of over 100 call centers and can make it happen for you.

1. Ansafone

Ansafone has been offering reliable answering services for 50+ years. Instead of just delivering technology, Ansafone places emphasis on their employees and the companies they work with. They empower these people by allowing them to go above-and-beyond for each client company in order to foster success together – which leads us into an industry where tech plays a huge role while still providing human touch throughout all steps.

Ansafone Contact Centers is one of the leading call centers in America. They are well-known for their world-class customer service, but it’s not just that: they also promote from within and believe people are what make them stand out as a great company!

2. GoAnswer

A real bargain. Low prices, much-improved web chat support, solid service, HIPAA compliant, and their unique pricing system starts with a $50 base then adds less than a dollar per minute after that, so you only pay for what you use.

These folks specialize in the medical field, and they’re probably the first place to go if you’re anticipating a lot of Spanish-speaking customers. The only downside is that you’ll have to write your own script.

With Go Answer, small business owners can now compete on a level playing field with larger companies.

The world of competition has never been more intense and it doesn’t look like this trend will be slowing any time soon: Pros vs Cons are becoming less distinct as technology continues to merge the two industries together seamlessly. But regardless if you’re an IBM or Microsoft; there’s still room for all types in today’s marketplace because what sets big brands apart isn’t their size but rather how well equipped they are when handling customer service demands without sacrificing quality.

3. VoiceNation

VoiceNation, on the other hand, is perfect for IT, which is why Dell and Adobe (among others) prefer them. They won’t handle your e-mail, but honestly, no one hires answering service companies for that.

VoiceNation has a unique sliding scale for pricing that allows for everything from startups to huge businesses like their more famous clients. Just $40 a month will get you 40 minutes. Best of all, VoiceNation’s top-end “platinum” service doesn’t cost any more per minute!

VoiceNation is a family of talented, hard-working people who share the same goal as them to make this world better. They care about our employees both internally and externally with their dedication.

VoiceNation has always been at the forefront of innovation, leading this industry by working hard to develop an impeccable record and excellent customer service. They have won countless awards for their low hold times that are unmatched in other companies’ offerings while maintaining accuracy rates high enough so your calls get answered quickly without things getting lost among all those others vying for attention as they do with outdated PBX systems or voicemail services where you call into a central number only hoping someone will answer before it starts ringing again over 20 minutes later.

4. Answer America

Top 10 Answering Service Company LogosThis answering service gets consistently great reviews from users, but even though their service has a decent rep, it’s mainly popular because of its flexibility: their basic plan is bare-bones and affordable, but you can add services until you get what you want.

They don’t offer live web chat, but a buck a call will get you a friendly voice to take down customer info, and they don’t charge for those pesky wrong numbers, either.

When a call comes in on your dedicated AnswerAmerica number, the operator will be guided by your preset requirements. You can make changes online and they are updated immediately!

Cost: $1.20/call, falling to $0.90 with larger packages.

5. Ruby Receptionists

They may be the most consistently praised company on this list, but you’ll have to pay up for this level of quality. They’re the boutique brand of answering service companies, purposefully small but dedicated to quality.

You’ll pay about $250/mo for your standard 100 minutes, but their clients insist it’s worth the extra money, not just because of the excellent customer service but the hands-on, extremely personalized approach to dealing with your business.

The best way to grow your business is with customer engagement. Ruby provides small businesses the services, products, and analytics they need—to manage interactions while delivering exceptional experiences in an increasingly digital world. With their solution that authentically connects website visitors or callers – capturing more opportunities for you!

Cost: Starts at $340/month

6. Answer Connect

These guys offer a little bit of everything, which may be why they’re so respected in the industry. Answer Connect trains their staff longer than average and costs a little more because of it, but they’re large and built to handle any volume of business in any field.

Their plans are also very adaptable to an individual company’s needs, but one factor really stands out here: they not only don’t charge more for appointment scheduling, but they also have their own structure already in place to handle it. Perfect for legal and medical.

Answer Connects team members are free to grow their skills while they give back by building connections with customers. This shows in the high level of service that Answer provides, which has been recognized many times over as one of Denver’s best business providers for its dedication and personal touch to making sure all requests get met within 24 hours no matter what size or importance your project might be.

7. NovusCall

NovusCall is also bare-bones, like AnswerAmerica, but also lets you add just about any service you might need to your basic plan.

And what a basic plan! 500 minutes for not quite $400 a month is a good bargain — if your customers’ calls tend to take a while. That plan only covers 150 calls, so choose wisely. However, they can handle any service under the sun, and you can easily track the length and nature of your calls.

NovusCall is North America’s top-rated telephone answering service center. They offer a wide range of live receptionist services that are both affordable and flexible, with customers able to take advantage of their Virtual Receptionist system which captures every call LIVE.

The NovusCall team only hires the best receptionists and trains them on your company’s procedures. This ensures that they can make customers feel welcomed with a smile, no matter what time of day or if there is an emergency situation happening in their office. The live virtual receptionist service manages all incoming calls for you 24/7.

NovusCall is a better way to save money. You pay by the call, not minutes and you can even change your plan at any time because of this flexibility! Plus their receptionists get paid however much time they need without having any rush or stress on behalf of clients who are waiting for help from them in an emergency situation like fire alarms going off middle-of-night deep sleep mode so it’s best if we don’t wake anyone up then right. In other words NovuScall gives us more control over how many calls our company takes per day while still providing predictable prices which helps keep budgets intact as well since nothing else needs changing when coming here than just giving out phone numbers

Cost: $199.95/month for 75 calls.

8. MAP Communications

MAP is the self-sustaining nerd hive of answering service companies. They’re not only one of the largest around, but they’re also owned by the employees and develop their own software in-house, which makes them both fully invested and fully capable.

Their service at MAP is quick to set up and they can handle just about anything except IT or financial; they’re also HIPAA compliant so they can handle medical service as well. The only downside is the price, which will run you about $100 a month more than their competitors. But you may find the extra money worth it anyway.

The only downside is the price, which will run you about $100 a month more than their competitors. But you may find the extra money worth it anyway.

9. MoneyPenny

The new kid on the block, MoneyPenny (that’s right, like the secretary in those James Bond movies) is about as pricey as Ruby — $2 a call, which is more than twice the standard rate — but it’s already developed a sterling customer rep.

Don’t use this service as an all-around lead capture; this is strictly about establishing a personal connection with your customers. The overwhelming feedback on MoneyPenny is that it’s just like hiring a personal receptionist who only deals with calls. Put that way, it’s not so expensive.

10. Specialty Answering Service (SAS)

SAS brings a lot of experience to the table. Three decades’ worth, in fact, making them one of the cornerstones of the industry. There aren’t many bells and whistles included in their service, but their receptionists are among the best.

You’ll pay a little more than some of the other services on this list, but SAS has lasted so long precisely because they train their pros twice as long as anyone else. This is where you want to go for that personal touch… and order placement is baked into their prices!

There you have it – The Top Rated Answering Services!

Our picks for the best answering service companies for your business, no matter the size or industry. Comparing the top answering service companies can be confusing and exhausting, which is why we’re here to help.

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