Disaster Recovery Answering Service

Disaster Recovery Answering Service Solutions

When disasters occur there’s no more important time for uninterrupted live customer service. We’ll help to get your caller’s needs met promptly and keep your messages organized for fast, efficient retrieval and follow up. From floods to fires, tornados, and more every business should have a bulletproof preventative measure in place to serve their customers when the unexpected happens. Natural disasters can destroy the unprepared business owner but having a remote call center as part of your back up plan is a safe and reliable way of being ready for the unplanned and destructive forces of nature. No matter what your industry we have a company that we work with that can fully handle the client’s services that are specific to the way your business operates each and every day. Call Centers use back generators, multiple locations, redundant phone systems, and more to make sure every telephone call is answered no matter what surprise life delivers.

Answering Service For Disaster Recovery: Your business could be severely impacted by a huge winter ice storm, long term power outage due to a hurricane or other disasters, but having a live 24-hour answering service as part of your business plan eliminates that risk. When nature gets tough you simply forward your phone lines and your communications problems are solved because though your phone lines may be down, your call centers won’t be. Work with a team that offers 99.9% guaranteed uptime and remains fully protected.

Emergency Response Services: The question is not will things go wrong, it’s when will they, and when they do will you have an effective response plan in place for emergencies? Don’t gamble – get a 24/7/265 remote call center service plan implemented for as little as $1 a day. Be prepared before the disaster strikes and set up a live answering service that undergoes comprehensive training for major destruction and life-changing events. All calls can be recorded and no call will ever go unanswered – guaranteed.


Custom Industry Plans: When it comes to disaster recovery answering services and customer support no two calls are the same. An HVAC emergency is treated differently than that of the medical industry, gas company, or other small business. You need a company that knows the difference and treats them as such. Enjoy fully customized call scripts, on-call rosters, website interfacing and so much more. Let our highly qualified partners customize a business message handling solution for your business today.

Back up and Redundancy: In the communications industry there’s no excuse for not having a fully operational back up plan in place and ready to be rolled out in a moments notice. It starts with back up generators that can run for months if necessary and provide unlimited power to a fully functioning office. But it doesn’t end there. Most suppliers will also have multiple locations, at-home agents, and powerful redundancy systems that will ensure your business never loses contact with your customers.