Our Story – And Why it Saves You Money on Call Center Services

Having been in the call center and answering service industry for over 30 years we knew there was a better way to help small businesses get exactly what they needed faster and cheaper.

Like so many others, we too have found ourselves sick and tired of spending hours trying to find the right product or service, and then after filtering down the best-qualified companies, still having to spend nearly just as much time trying to filter a second time for the best price.

Improving The Buying Journey

It seems wherever you turn this is the buying process, and it stinks. It’s like when you bought your first home and you applied for a mortgage loan. Even a quarter percentage point made a huge difference in your payment. Then you realized there were unique loans for individuals like first-time homeowners, police officers, teachers, or those putting more money down. The problem is who has time to find 50-100 companies, fill out all their forms, and talk to all of their salesmen, only to discover the majority of them could not meet your needs or that their rates were too high.

If only you could complete one form describing your needs and let only the qualified companies call you back, each fully aware that they would be pricing their services against other competitors. More importantly, it had to be a free service. And so Best Answering Service was formed with that in mind!

Our core value is built on how quickly we get you what you are looking for and much we can save you.

Company History:

Best Answering Service is owned by Peak Marketing Service, LLC. It operates independently from multiple other online assets which we created to help make the buying journey a more pleasant experience.

One-Stop FAST Solution to Your Call Center Problems

We proudly introduced the total solution requiring only the completion of a 30-second form. First, we worked with our affiliates and partners to discover their unique services and answering service solutions available for specific industries and office needs.

Next, we filtered through the providers that would offer the lowest possible pricing, and to make sure you received their best rates and proposals we made them fully aware that they would be bidding for your business against their competition. Of course, the more costly services ran away from this model, and we expected them to. The result, you get exactly what you need without hours of research or paying unnecessary exorbitant fees.

Free Answering Quotes For You

You’re probably wondering if this service is free to you without any obligation then how do we get paid, and that’s a great question to be asking. After all, we have to be compensated somehow, right? That’s our secret sauce, well not so secret after you read this.

Every business invests largely in marketing and advertising to grow its business, and it’s no different with our partners and affiliates. Often times they spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars with little or no response. When that happens guess what happens to your rate? You guessed it, it goes up. Our solution to that problem went viral for the answering service companies and those needing their receptionist services. Our partners make a zero investment in advertising until we match them up with a qualified lead. This pay-per-lead style service totally eliminates all of the risks associated with costly advertising, and when the risk is gone guess who the savings get passed on to? You got it, it’s you.

You Do Have a Choice

You can certainly choose to surf the web for hundreds of websites, makes lots of calls, complete twenty or thirty forms, and talk to lots of agents to see if they can help you and if so for how much. But why not get started here? You pay nothing for these highly competitive quotes. You sign nothing. You have no obligations whatsoever. If we don’t connect you with the right company at the most affordable price then you are free to do business elsewhere. So have to win your business, and do it every day.

In summary, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Need more information? Please email us at info@bestansweringservice.info

Thanks for visiting us, we’re glad you did.


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