Order Taking Answering Service

Best Order Taking Answering Service 

From order entry to payment processing or live call support for your direct marketing promotions there are call center services that can be tailored specifically to your unique industry requirements. A state of the art call answering service means more sales because phone orders are processed 24×7 using live operators and/or menu-driven automated attendant software. The contact center can integrate its software with your web-based order forms to seamlessly become an extension of your office offering real time reports and analytics. From infomercials on TV for products and gifts, radio commercials, or mass direct mail marketing on postcards you need a call center that can handle a huge influx of inbound calls at any given time. We can help get exactly what you’re looking for.

Order Taking Answering Service: In today’s competitive marketplace your inbound order taking phone service should provide advanced online tools and reporting to provide extraordinary service. Get the customer service you deserve and partner with a bilingual call center that can provide outstanding product support, cross-selling, upselling and more. From taking a simple sales order, to email and chat services we can assist you with a solution to improve your new client acquisition and greatly increase your customer retention.

Payment Processing Call Center Services: Order fulfillment and payment processing has never been more advanced or easier to use. From e-commerce to catalog sales or concierge service agents can process orders by credit card, check by phone, and even PayPal. Virtual receptionists take payments by phone and can capture customer specific information like shipping addresses, items ordered, quantity and any other relevant data related to the sales order. Contact us today for pricing on your specific payment processing needs.


Answering Service For Direct Response Advertising: From 100 calls to 10,000 calls a direct response advertising campaign on television, print, radio, or other media source can create a massive surge in customer responses and missed calls will be missed sales orders. When so many calls hit at the same time you must have ample operators available, and that means 100 simultaneous calls requires 100 people! That’s when you need a direct response advertising answering service solution.

For e-Commerce Marketing: This product is for website owners that operate e-commerce websites and have customers that may require assistance with order taking or have questions about a specific product on your site or in your catalog. This makes it possible for your customer to have flexibility to place orders on a 24 hour basis and chat online or by telephone for added order assistance. Your contact center can provide your customers with detailed product information and quickly increase conversion rates.