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For contractors having a professional answering service as part of their business model is like having a suite of personal receptionists sitting at their desks 24 hours a day, with no breaks, no complaints, no benefits, and for a lot less pay. We know that having a physical employee onsite may be inherently more valuable than a virtual receptionist but it’s not economically possible to have someone on staff after hours and weekends.

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That’s why roofers, tree surgeons, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors use a top rated answering service company. A call center is hands down the easiest and most affordable way to build your business by capturing more customers, improving your image, and adding to your bottom line. For as little as $1 a day they’ll assist with setting your service appointments, processing payments, call dispatching, pricing information, and can even help with bilingual Spanish-speaking agents to help you reach a broader market.

Answering Service For Contractors: Low-cost plans available for landscapers, builders, plumbing, painters, and all other contractor industries. Not just affordable but a cheap solution to have calls professionally answered 24 x 7. Pricing may include flat rate answering services, pay by the call or minutes with a wide array of online tools, call recording features, on-call roster call dispatching services, live time message delivery, automated call answering and IVR systems, payment processing, and so much more.

Look Big and Successful: Imagine how your customers will view you when they place an emergency call on a holiday or late at night only to actually talk with a live receptionist. The message is clear that you are successful and you take customer support very seriously. Surprisingly though, the service pays for itself because your conversion rate with a live operator will be greatly increased and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Ask about a free trial and see for yourself the difference a contact center can make for you.


Lead Capture Services: When you answer incoming service calls you likely close a high percentage of them. Have you noticed what happens when they get your voice mail instead of a human? You call them back only to discover they called someone else for service. You’ll capture more leads with your live operator who will offer answer calls in your company name and offer friendly support, schedule appointments, and even forward emergency calls to the service technician on call.

Get Free From the Desk & Phone: Need a break from being chained to your phone but fear you’ll miss a sales call? Why stress over missing calls when your call center can take inbound calls for as little as $0.79? They’ll dispatch calls according to your instructions, screen them for importance, and send you live-time messages by text message or email. A contractor answering service literally acts as your employee and takes care of customers so you don’t have to.

Best Answering Service For Contractors

There are many contractor answering service providers out there, and it can be hard to choose the right one. We have done extensive research and found what we believe to be the top companies that offer this service. These answering service companies were chosen because they excel in different areas of customer satisfaction and offer a variety of features at competitive prices.

The best contractor answering service companies offer all-inclusive rates, which means that they are the least expensive option. However, they should have a minimum of a 78% customer satisfaction rating. They should offer call forwarding to an office number or cell phone with no long-distance charges as well 24/hr live answering services at a low rate package pricing ($19-$29 monthly) or self serve online appointment booking system.

A Review of Top Rated Contractor Answering Service Providers

Below we outline a list of the best answering service companies for contractors. These companies assist plumbers, roofers, HVAC companies, and many other contractor industries.

Keener Communications, Inc
6606 W Broad St Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23230

Keener Communications, Inc Logo

Keener Communications, Inc has been in business since 1978, and their mission statement says they are “committed to providing the best customer service in our industry.” They offer a variety of services including live dispatch answering with operators available 24 hours per day for emergency calls.

Their prices range from $17-$23 depending on how many extensions you want at your company. They also provide information release protection which means only authorized people can access sensitive messages such as payroll updates etc. This feature protects employees who may accidentally send out confidential data by mistake while working remotely outside office boundaries where there’s less control over what happens online.

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3930 Commerce Ave
Willow Grove, PA 19090

AnswerNet logo

AnswerNet Is a live answering service that has a track record of over 25 years of providing reliable service. They offer live operators and virtual receptionists to handle your calls in a professional manner, as well the ability for you or other employees at home on vacation can monitor incoming call queues remotely so they know when it is time to return an important phone call (which this company does not charge extra), answering machine services with forwarding messages through email that are recorded locally but also transcribed into text files.

Their rates vary from $14-$25 per month depending upon what features their customers want.

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1033 SE Main St #5
Portland, OR 97214

AnswerConnect logo

AnswerConnect offers reliable answering services to companies based in the United States. Their rates vary per month depending upon what features their customers want, and they offer live operators with years of experience to handle your calls in a professional manner as well.

Their customer service is also impeccable; you can contact them anytime by phone or email for any questions that may arise during usage. They have over 25-years worth of track record providing reliable services so it’s no wonder why AnswerConnect has made this list of top providers.

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518 Patin Rd
Carencro, LA 70520

Dexcomm logo

Dexcomm It’s one of the most trusted answering service providers in the industry. Dexcomm makes this list because they offer a wide range of features, including live operators with over 25 years worth of experience on their staff

Their rates are competitively priced depending upon what you need and if your business is local or long-distance-based. Dexcom It’s one of the most trusted answering service providers in this industry. They offer all sorts of features including call overflow service, IVR, voicemail, etc.

Dexcomm Specializes in very specific industries to better ensure that they can provide the best customer service and answering services for your company. They have a team of professionals who are trained to handle scripts, so you don’t need people on staff with those skills.

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