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For some businesses, it’s very important to know exactly what expenses the office will incur on a monthly basis. Planning a monthly budget is easier with a flat rate answering service solution because you know exactly how much you’ll be investing and therefore making it easier to determine ROI and planning for other business expenses.

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Flat rate phone answering services generally require a predetermined cost with unlimited calls and usage allowing you to offer live customer service 24 hours a day, after hours, and weekends. For one fixed cost your remote receptionist can help with message handling services, appointment scheduling, and even order processing services. Depending on your business model you will be assigned a toll-free telephone number or a local number to forward your phones to and a professional agent in a US-based contact center will be there to assist your clients when you can’t. Getting started is fast, easy, and affordable.


Flat Rate Phone Answering Controls Costs: Standard phone answering plans can be very unpredictable as high call volumes can double or triple your bill, and for this reason, many offices look for a flat rate answering service with single fixed fees and unlimited calls. You’ll always know exactly how much money you’ll need to allocate for services and you’ll never be concerned with the potential of an excessively high invoice because the plan’s cost is fixed and it is not subject to change without prior notice. This service is ideal for companies receiving between 50 -200 calls a month. Get Quotes Here

Services Available: You’ll be surprised to discover that flat fee does not limit options. From bilingual Spanish-speaking agents, to event registrations, or order fulfilling and payment processing you’ll have access to a suite of call center services and phone messaging solutions. Cheerful agents can even set your appointments, offer an employee hotline service, and more. These services are available 24×7 including holidays and in most cases are month to month with no long-term contracts or obligations. Get Quotes Here


Types of Businesses We Serve: Flat rate telephone answering services are great for most types of small businesses and commonly used by medical offices that receive calls after hours, attorneys needing a live receptionist or appointment setting services, and even a contractor specializing in plumbing, HVAC and other service-related industries. This type of service is perfect for industries of all types and professions, and best of all it’s more affordable than you may think. Get Quotes Here

Other Important Information: Like your business, no office can exist by offering ridiculously unlimited services for one low cost, especially if a linear rate is attached to requiring paid labor to employees. While this plan is ideal for companies receiving a steady flow of up to 200 calls per month, most of our suppliers would not be able to offer a flat-rate plan for offices expecting extremely high call volumes, such as ones from infomercials. However, in such cases other low-cost options are available. Get Quotes Here