Lead Capture Answering Service

Best Lead Capture Answering Service

A lead capturing phone answering service is probably the most obvious and affordable solution to building your customer base. Small businesses invest heavily in marketing and advertising to find new customers, and when they need more customers they often resort to more advertising. The answer may not be more exposure, but instead capitalizing on the existing responses and inbound calls. The best way to exercise this option is by having outsourcing your overflow calls and after hours calls to a remote call center that uses virtual receptionists that speak both English and Spanish. For as little as $0.60 a call this is a surprisingly affordable solution to capture leads while proving world class customer support 24/7. We support everything from direct marketing campaigns to property management and beyond.

Lead Generation Answering Services: From lead capture services to lead qualification your callers can be screened to gauge interest and the potential value to your business. Capturing these prospects will significantly increase your sales and profits and also help to covert warm leads to hot, ready to buy customers. No guessing because each message you receive will clearly spell out the prospects interest and current position in the buying process. From inbound calls, to chat support, or email responses your call center support team can help.

For Attorneys: If only every client called in between the hours of 9-5. The fact is people often call at the time they realize their need, or are away from the office for privacy. DUI’s happen after hours and on weekends, and clients discussing bankruptcy, divorce or personal injury may prefer to talk from home, away from employees. Make sure your after hours calls are answered by an intelligent receptionist that can capture potential new clients that need to talk with a live agent on their time table. 24 Hour support is more affordable than you may realize.


For Contractors: Things like a water leak at 8pm or a tree on the roof on a Saturday afternoon require immediate responses and service from a qualified technician. These leads that call in after hours are only valuable when they are answered quickly by a live support team. Electricians, HVAC contractors, or emergency restoration services are just a few industries that we help to find the best prices on inbound answering service solutions for. Request for no-obligation price quotes today and save big.

For Direct Response Marketing: Marketing promotions to a mass population via television, radio, or direct mail can create a massive influx of inbound calls. Let your call center services provider assist you with this campaign using toll-free numbers, web-based analytics, order processing support and more. Just as though they were an extension of your company, you’re the boss and you decide how operators will handle each customer call and how process sales orders or messages.