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Best Event Registration Answering Service – RSVP Services

An accomplished Answering Service can nicely complement an event registration program for your business or organization and quickly remove the hassles of huge RSVP lists and management processes by integrating a seamless solution as an extension of your company’s event. Professionally trained operators will answer your incoming calls, collect registration information such as name, email address, and phone number and then provide you with information in live time via your online forms, email, fax, or text message. From conference registration to delivering details about your venue or payment processing the solutions are endless. Your attendees will be promptly registered by an experienced outsourced agent from a US-based call center employing operators fluent in both English and Spanish.

RSVP Answering Service for Event Registration: When events are scheduled for big occasions like weddings, marathons, and festivals you need a 24-hour inbound contact center that can collect your attendee’s information, store it in a secure format, and then provide that data to you in live time. And that’s what quality call center services provide so you can focus on planning your big event and invest your time in bigger challenges. From registrations to payment processing or sending out email reminders to your RSVP guests, it’s one stop.

For Trade Shows: If you are planning a big exhibit or a national trade show and are in need of a team that provides contact services and quality communications you’re in the right spot. No matter what the size of the event you will be hosting an inbound call center can handle your high volume calls and messaging services. No need to overburden a small staff when you can outsource the registration task to a firm that will execute your RSVP list for an affordable price so you can spend time coordinating your trade show.


For Seminars: Planning a big seminar has enough daunting problems in and within itself and is reason enough to use an answering service that specializes in RSVP’s for seminars. You’ll get support 24/7 including nights, weekends, and holidays. Access tools like auto attendants, IVR’s, or even a toll-free 800 number for your callers. An agent can process information in your online forms or through in-house software which is accessible through a secure online dashboard.

For Conferences: If your planning a conference then you know that managing an extensive list of registrations is no easy task. You need a team that’s professional, can take payments over phone, and make certain that every caller has pertinent information. Your business or organization deserves the best and at prices that are affordable. We work with the best affiliates that specialize in helping you plan your conference shows, so request your free quote today.