Workable Strategies To Increase Telephone Sales

Workable Strategies To Increase Telephone SalesWhether you make an outbound cold-call to your prospects or you receive an inbound call from a prospective customer who shows interest in your company’s products or services, closing a deal over the phone may prove to be a real challenge. Making a sale over a phone is an art with some tried-and tested strategies having the potential to improve your odds of making a deal. You may be surprised to know that most of your customers who call you do not know what they need. They only know how they will use your products. If you ask them the right questions, you are most likely to offer them the right products. Ask open-ended questions to allow your customers to explain what they exactly need. Even if your customer knows what he needs, you may be able to help him identify better options.

Make sure that you develop a genuine rapport with your customers. Whether you believe or not, your customers may actually identify fake people and fake assurance. Let your customers speak while you listen carefully to understand what they actually need. This is how you can strike a real conversation with your customers and build a strong rapport with them. As a matter of fact, customers who relate to a brand strongly are more likely to spend on it.

Establishing a personal connection with your customers means abandoning the hard-core sales approach. Your customers will not want to deal with an aggressive salesperson who wants to make a sale anyhow. Be soft and patient and try to understand what your customers are looking for. Your customers know more than you think and they are most likely to identify the selfish salesperson in you if you try to experiment with your hard-core sales techniques. When you build rapport with your customers, you adopt a long-term approach to foster client loyalty and so you should understand that you can’t always make a sale the very first time. You may need to make multiple calls to sell an expensive or bulky product. Continue your friendly follow-up calls and they will be more effective than high-pressure sales calls.

The timing to close a deal is a crucial factor determining the outcome of your sales calls. When you plan to close early, your customers may not appreciate your approach and when you try to close late, your competitor might have already bagged the deal. If your customers ask you a lot of questions and if they seem to be satisfied by your answers or if your customers talk a lot about your product, you may probably ask them, “Would you want me to ship the product at your address?” There are chances that the answer will be “Yes”.

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