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Utility Company Answering Service Solutions

Electricity is a luxury we have all come to expect and rely on. If power is interrupted, even momentarily, we feel more than moderately inconvenienced: so much of our lives require power to function properly, from our entertainment to our food storage. If you work for a power or utility company, you know first hand the frustration, anger, and fear that a utilities interruption can case and the phone calls that come with it.

Utility companies need to have an efficient and effective way to maintain communication with customers in the event of a service interruption, and even when everything’s running smoothly. Constant, honest communication keeps customers satisfied, and a utility company answering service is frequently the most affordable option—it can scale with your call volume, handling emergency spikes without a misstep and saving the costs of a full-time staff when cal volumes drop.

Save Your Reputation with a Power Company Answering Service

It’s a given that customers will be worried and upset during any utility service interruption, planned or otherwise. The last thing you want is for your customers to be left without answers, or to get bad information when they can’t contact the source—your company—easily and directly. You want to be the one providing accurate and timely information to your customers, controlling the information flow and protecting your brand and your customer satisfaction levels.

We can give you the tools you need to do exactly that

As customers call in with the same questions, our virtual receptionists will be able to answer questions using information you only have to provide once. This type of service will make it easier for customers to wait while you and your team figure out the best way to quickly get service back up and running.Your team can focus on getting the power or utilities back online and operational, and your customers will have a human voice and some real answers to associate with your company.

Day-to-Day Utility & Power Company Answering Services

A utility company answering service can help with more than just emergency situations or utility and power interruptions. From basic service questions to billing inquiries and even scheduling service appointments, the right inbound call center can relieve a lot of pressure on your in-house staff and ease things for your bottom line, too. Calls that require the specialized attention of someone in your offices or at your facilities can be easily and accurately forwarded without the need to interrupt operations for more basic phone calls—you get efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and your customers get top-notch service.


Be prepared to keep your utility customers happy during a utility service interruption, and deliver consistent customer service no matter what’s going on in your company . Contact us now and we’ll help you find an answering service plan perfect for you and your utility company’s customers.

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