Promoting Consistent Customer Service Across Different Customer Service Teams

Promoting Consistent Customer Service Across Different Customer Service TeamsWhen you have to manage different customer care teams, you may want to make sure that you incorporate standard customer care policies across all your customer service teams.

By instilling the same customer service philosophy in all your teams, you will not only be able to enforce conformity to the same policies, but you will also be able to promote a high standard of customer service throughout your organization. This is particularly important if you have an in-house sales team and a phone answering service team that does not operate under your direct control.

You may want to make sure that your sales team and your answering service team work together in a well-coordinated manner and allow you to boost the reputation of your business.

An important way to enforce uniformity across all your customer service teams is to establish KPIs that you can use to evaluate the performance standard of an employee. Wasting time on analyzing KPIs that do not really matter does not make sense and so you may want to focus on crucial stats such as the time that an answering service employee spends on handling a call and the time that he takes to resolve a dispute. Additionally, you should include other KPIs that will specifically define your customer service objectives.

Create a list of 10 most important KPIs so that you can spend more time on evaluating them properly.

Secondly, you should base your strategies and actions on realistic customer service goals. No customer service team can promise you that it will never miss a client who needs assistance or it will eliminate the waiting queue completely.

You may make your goal sound more realistic by setting time limits for which a customer has to wait to talk to your answering service staff. For example, if the standard wait-time is two minutes, you may want to reduce it to one minute. You will need to test what is actually achievable while devising your customer service goals and whatever your evaluations are, your goals should always be focused towards continuous improvement.

You should monitor your progress at regular intervals. Customer service is a continuous process that needs to be carried out with care and judgment at all times. If you want your team to achieve a goal, you will have to invest more time in training.

When your team achieves this goal, you should raise the standard further and help your team achieve the new goals.

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