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Answering Service for Political Organizations

Working the phones is as natural for a political organization as breathing, but that doesn’t mean it’s always done efficiently or cost-effectively. Especially when it comes to inbound calling, an answering service with professionals trained to handle political calls can often provide much more reliable and consistently high-quality over-the-phone service than large banks of overworked volunteers or low-paid interns—and surprisingly, it’s often more affordable!

From polling to fielding basic inquiries and a host of other inbound call types, a reliable answering service provider can take much of the human resources burden away from the political organization itself while actually increasing the level of connectivity with your constituents and improving the accuracy of your information. Add in the fact that you’ll never have a missed or mishandled call due to sickness, holidays, power outages, or other disruptions, and you have a winning strategy for advancing your organization’s interests.

Inbound Polls and Surveys Are a Great Call

Cold-calling residents to conduct political polls can be a frustrating experience. Hang-ups, misidentified numbers, and other problems can lead to an enormous expenditure of employee or volunteer hours just to eke out marginally useful results. Even when you do reach willing respondents, their level of connection to or interest in the political issue(s) at hand might not be strong enough to yield truly actionable data. With proper inbound polling strategies in place—and with an answering service ready to conduct those polls—you’ll be generating results with far greater efficiency.

Answering Sevice For Policatal NeedsWith inbound polling, a relatively passive message in print publications, online, or on the radio or TV can lead to high call-in rates for people with a strong connection to the political questions or candidates you feature. This means a higher relevance with a lower resource expenditure, and combining that with the completely professional, fully-trained virtual receptionists at a dedicated answering service means your respondents will know their voices are being heard. Greater confidence in the data and greater confidence among the constituents—two things every political organization can use.

We Answer to the Details, You Focus on the Big Picture

Your staff and volunteers have important tasks, many of which are more pressing than responding to basic inquiries or handling other simple inbound calls. At the same time, having your phones answered quickly and courteously is an important part of maintaining the correct image (and image is everything in politics). Partnering with a political organization answering service means you have the freedom to focus on what really needs to get done without worrying that important phone calls are going unnoticed or that harried and hurried volunteers are giving out the wrong information.

There are plenty of other ways an answering service can help your organization, too. To get the full scoop on enhancing your political voice, reach out to us today and hear what we can do for you!

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