Grow Your Business By 50% Simply By Offering Better Customer Service

In business satisfied customers are loyal and are the key to the success of your business. The cost and effort of acquiring a single customer can be staggering, and sadly many businesses fail to realize to value of leveraging their existing clients base for a solution to adding as much as 50% more revenue to their bottom line. How do they do this? Some offer 24 hour support by a live business answering service, some offer amazing deals to their current clients, and others simply call and tell their clients they appreciate them and have no other agenda on the call. What all three have in common is they care about keeping their customers satisfied and make it a core focus to building their brand through quality customer service.

The results of improved customer service are what lead customers to spend more money and to highly recommend their friends, family, and colleagues to you. A recent Aberdeen research study indicated that happy clients not only increased their spending but also promoted the companies products and services and drove hundreds of millions of dollars in new business through their referrals. Check out the findings below and see for yourself how improved customer service is key to growing any business.

Discover how to grow business with existing customer base

Finally, there’s no better way to improve your customer service than being available for your customers 24/7, and we ca help. Did you know that a live telephone answering service uses cutting edge technology to help operators fully understand your business in order to serve as a true extension of your business? Operators use menu driven scripts that are customer specific allowing them to answer hundreds of complex questions and assist your callers smoothly and flawlessly. Request competitive quotes and learn more today!

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Author: Michael C

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