How Do I Transfer a Land Line to a Cell Phone?

Yes, anyone can easily transfer a land line phone number to a cell phone number by following simple steps that only take a few seconds. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE FOR HELP TRANSFERRING YOUR PHONE LINES.

Instruction For Forwarding Land Line Calls to Cell Phones

Transferring a landline number to a cell phone, commonly known as “porting,” involves a few steps. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Choose a Cell Phone Provider: Before you start the transfer process, you need to select a cell phone provider. Ensure the provider offers service in your area and check their plans to find one that suits your needs.
  2. Check if Your Number Can Be Ported: Not all landline numbers can be ported to a mobile service. You should check with your chosen cell phone provider to ensure your specific landline number can be transferred. This usually depends on the area code and the local regulations.
  3. Gather Required Information: You will need to provide some information for the transfer. This typically includes:
    • Your landline number.
    • The account number of your landline service (found on your bill).
    • The billing address associated with the landline.
    • The name of the account holder.
    • A photo ID might also be required for verification.
  4. Do Not Cancel Your Landline Service Yet: It’s crucial to keep your landline service active during the porting process. If you cancel the service before the transfer is complete, you may lose your number.
  5. Contact the Cell Phone Provider to Initiate the Transfer: Once you have chosen a cell phone provider and have all the necessary information, contact them to start the porting process. This can often be done online, over the phone, or in-person at a store.
  6. Wait for the Transfer to Complete: The process can take a few hours to a few days. During this time, your landline will still be active. Your new provider will notify you once the transfer is complete.
  7. Test Your New Cell Phone Service: After you’ve been notified that the transfer is complete, make sure to test your new cell phone service to ensure the number is working correctly.
  8. Cancel Your Landline Service: Once the transfer is successful and you’ve confirmed that everything is working, you can then cancel your landline service.
  9. Be Aware of Potential Fees: There may be fees associated with porting a number. Check with both your current landline provider and your new cell phone provider regarding any fees.
  10. Consider the Timing: If you’re porting a number from a business or a frequently used personal line, consider the timing of the transfer to minimize disruptions.

Remember, during the transfer process, you should not experience any disruption in your landline service until the transfer is complete and you have confirmed that your cell phone is working with your old number.

From forwarding your business lines to a top-rated answering service to forwarding a home line to a cell phone there are many reasons you may need help transferring a landline. If you are trying to transfer your personal or business telephone calls to your cell phone then you are in luck because we have outlined step by step instructions to help you complete the process of transferring your home or office landline to your cellular phone simply by pressing a few buttons on your phone and it only takes a few seconds to complete.

Why Transfer Your Land Line to Your Mobile?

Contractors are generally out in the field on the job, attorneys are busy in court, and similarly, many business owners are often out of the office which subjects them to missing important calls or from potential customers that are actively looking for their services. Sure, they generally have an answering machine to receive after-hours calls but experience continually proves that prospects are moving on and calling on other companies to answer their questions or solve their problems immediately. The simple no-cost solution is to forward your business phone to you cell phone when you are out of the office, ensuring that you are less likely to miss important telephone calls and sales opportunities.

Additionally, some people may simply want to transfer their Home phone line to their cellular line when they are on vacation, traveling on business, or will simply be away from the house for the day or even longer.

Here Are the Steps to forwarding Your Land Line Calls to Your Cell Phone

In most cases forwarding a landline to any mobile phone is incredibly easy.

  1. Simply pick up your phone and with until you hear the dial tone, then immediately dial *72 and wait for the dial tone to come back.
  2. Dial the cellular number (including 1+ area code) that you want to transfer your landline calls to.
  3. At this point you are done and you can either hang up or if you want to make sure you have dialed the correct number to forward your calls to you can wait to see if the line scheduled to receive calls rings and who answers it. We highly recommend this.
  4. When you have returned to the office and are ready to “unforward” your calls you simply pick up the phone and dial *73, and after you hear the dial tone you can hang up. After dialing *73 you should instantly hear a dial tone which will indicate that you have successfully stopped your landline from being forwarded to an outside line.

Using the same or a similar process you can also transfer your cell calls to your home, home to office, home to fax, cell to business etc.

For a Better Solution, Try “Busy No Answer” Automatic Call Transfer: Alternatively you can contact your phone carrier and have them set up a “busy no answer” feature which eliminates the need to constantly transfer calls and disable transferring calls because the phone company sets it up so that if you are busy and don’t answer your landline phone within 3 rings (or four) the call will automatically be transferred to your cell phone, or whatever number you dedicate it to be forwarded to.

What to Do if it Doesn’t Work: If you dial *72 and don’t get a dial tone then you either don’t have call forwarding set up or the code to implement this call transfer feature is different. Nothing to worry about because whether you are with AT&T, Comcast, or Cox it won’t matter because the FCC requires that you be permitted to transfer or port your phones at will. A quick phone call to your phone company should help you get the code for transferring calls, or if it’s not currently activated it can be turned on remotely in less than an hour or two.

WAIT – There’s an Even Better Solution For Transferring Calls

Transfer Your Call to An Answering ServiceIf the reason you need to transfer your office landline is attributed to making sure you don’t miss important calls or lose customers to voice mail then transferring calls to your cell phone may not be the best solution and you may want to try a far superior system. If you’re on the job working, with clients, or doing anything that prevents you from answering a call then the problem remains the same. Most businesses have found that simply using this same process but instead forwarding calls to an answering service guarantees that 100% of the time that you will never, under any circumstances miss a call. The good news is the service usually sets up everything for you, is insanely affordable, and there is no hardware or software required (or for that matter any technical knowledge).

How it Works

  1. When you leave the office, using the same process above, forward your business landline phone to a number given exclusively to you by your answering service.
  2. The live answering service answers the phone in your business name 24/7.
  3. According to your instructions and depending on the reason for each call some calls will be transferred to your cellular phone, and others will just have a message taken by your “virtual receptionist” which is then immediately sent to your cell phone by text message or by email (or both).

It’s really that simple and most people are surprised to discover how inexpensive it really is to have a service available 24 hours a day, but don’t take our word for it, discover it for yourself. Nearly every phone answering service offers a free 7-14 day trial with no credit card or contract and this is a safe and reliable way to determine the full value and actual cost (as little as $29 a month) based on your anticipated usage.

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