Study Shows Bad Customer Service Cost Businesses Big Bucks

From rude employees to excessively long wait times we have all had our bouts with some form of bad customer service. Most people are surprised to learn that the cost of poor customer service is far more damaging than losing a sale or two. The infographic below reveals some interesting data about the rippling effects of your customers experiences, both good and bad. The latest annual mystery shopping study showed that only 10 of 100 top online merchants made the cut for stellar customer service. Check out the report below in this informative customer service infographic and chime in with your comments.

Effects of Good and Bad Customer Service Infographic

Customer service is greatly enhanced with simple solutions that show the customer you really care. From answering phone calls after normal business hours to a simple “thank you for your business” it all adds up. A wise man once said “your customers perception is your businesses reality“.

Author: Michael C

Michael has over 30 years of executive call center and answering service experience. He is a successful business owner and lead generation expert and shares tips to help other entrepreneurs build and grow their business through leads generation and lead capture solutions. His mission is to share carefully guarded marketing tips that will help small-medium business compete on a smaller budget.

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