Elevator Phone Monitoring Answering Service


Elevators are in almost every multi-story building, and unfortunately many of the elevators installed are as old as the buildings themselves. Elevator breakdowns are not just likely, they are inevitable over a long enough period of time.

Of course, you know all too well how often elevators breakdown. It’s your business to get them back up and running again. You’ve fielded calls from hundreds of frightened or angry people stuck in elevators. You provide routine maintenance to keep elevators up to local code. Dealing with broken elevators is what you do day in and day out. That and handling phone calls from people trapped in the latest stuck elevator—the call to duty, but a call that often disrupts your duty, as well.

Why an Answering Service is Right for Your Elevator Repair Company

The only real solution to the phone calls coming in at all times of day and night is to make sure someone else is there to answer your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A dedicated answering service is the most cost-effective and simplest way to achieve this, for a variety of reasons.

Delegation is key for any maintenance business, including elevator servicing and repair. Even if you would like to answer every call personally, calmly responding to the person phoning for help and taking the first steps to fixing the problem, this is rarely the best use of your time. Especially if you’re contracted for multiple buildings, you need to have someone who is able to answer incoming calls, prioritize service requests, and provide you with accurate and current information.

An elevator answering service will also ensure no call from a stuck elevator passenger, or any call from a client, will go unanswered. Many of the calls your company receives aren’t emergencies, and these can easily be handled in their entirety by a trained virtual receptionist. Calls that require your immediate attention can be properly routed to you or your technicians in the field using land lines or cell phones.

And all of this comes without the need for you to cut into your revenue with more human resources costs. An inbound call center with specially trained elevator answering service professionals gives you a team of receptionists for less than the cost of a single full-time employee.

Choosing an Effective Elevator Answering Service

Some inbound call centers might not be equipped to properly serve your clientele. Logistically, the center must be able to contact you or an on-the-ground employee as soon as someone calls with an emergency. You also want representatives who are trained to answer common questions and can handle basic administrative and data recording duties to keep you in the loop.

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