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The image of the happy secretary at her desk answering calls is one that’s been around for generations. However, have you stopped to consider that something as simple as an answering service could be so much more than convenience?

In fact, it could be the very thing you need to bring more leads through the door and to take your business to the next level.

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1-Every Call Answered, Fast – Never Miss an Opportunity

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your eye on multiple moving parts at the same time. While you may have grown accustomed to the fast pace and hat switching, you might be missing out on some potential clientele.

Having an answering service available ensures that you never miss the opportunity to make a sale. What appears to the caller as a simple source of information, is actually one of your best selling techniques.

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By being sure your answering service is equipped with the information it needs to motivate the caller to take the next step, you’re dramatically enhancing your chances of receiving a new client.

2-Lead Qualifying – Assessing Your Leads

How many times have you taken hours from your busy schedule to follow up on inquiry emails or return phone calls? Now, how many times has it all been for nothing after realizing that the lead does not qualify for your product or services?

A well-trained answering service is a great way to save time in your sales funnel by only allowing qualifying leads to make it to your most important sellers.

This ensures that time is only spent on the leads that are most likely to convert. This also saves you from sending out any important resources that may be better used on qualifying candidates.

In the event that a potential clientele does pass your screening, chances are they’ll take you more seriously due to the fact that your answering service has asked the right questions regarding your services.

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3-24 x 7 Customer Service – A Strong First Impression

We’ve all seen the classic depiction of the young entrepreneur pretending to be both himself and his secretary in order to impress a potential client. While this example is used mostly for comic relief, it’s not a far cry from the way we like to present ourselves to the world.

Having an answering service in place creates the impression of a fully-working office place, even if you’re a startup two-man team that has yet to expand.

The more impressed callers are the more likely they are to be interested in your product or services. This also comes in handy with important callers like potential investors, media outlets, or vendors.

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4-Bilingual Agents – Open Yourself Up to a Growing Audience

Hablas Espanol? If not, you could be missing out. This is due to the fact that Spanish is quickly becoming one of the most commonly spoken languages in the US.

This means there’s a good chance that a portion of your audience will be Spanish speaking, and if you’re unable to interact with them in Spanish you’ll be missing out on a large segment of your audience.

Having a bilingual answering service in place not only looks good, but it also increases the chances of you tapping into a whole new audience base.

This also tells your new group of potential clients that you’re considerate of their needs when competitors may not be.

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The Info You Need

When speaking with an answering service there’s no rush because that’s their one and only purpose.

This means an answering service can take the time needed to collect any important information to follow up later with prospective clientele.

Since following up is one of the most underutilized sales techniques on the market, you can bet that by simply returning the call with the right information in hand you’ll be much more likely to close the deal.

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You have likely said your sales pitch so many times that you could say it in your sleep. Unfortunately, when we repeat the same information, again and again, it tends to lose its muster and lands on deaf ears.

Having a qualified answering service in place allows potential callers to receive the information they need from someone that can deliver it with enthusiasm and excitement.

This information paired with a friendly voice will help ease any anxiety the caller may be experiencing and will bring you one step closer to a long-lasting rapport.


5-Finding the Right Answering Service for Your Business

Are you finally convinced that an answering service is a right move to make for your business? If so, then it’s all about finding an answering service that can check all of the direct response marketing boxes listed above.

The good news is you don’t have to hire an answering service in house, and many allow you to pay in packages so you don’t need a full-time employee.

Be sure to find an answering service with years of experience, that understands the value of subtle sales while remaining organized and productive.

If all of this sounds good, contact us today so you can learn more about our answering services and how we can be of assistance to you.

Our qualified phone operators are here to give a strong first impression of your business to increase the chance have you growing your customer base.

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Author: Michael C

Michael has over 30 years of executive call center and answering service experience. He is a successful business owner and lead generation expert and shares tips to help other entrepreneurs build and grow their business through leads generation and lead capture solutions. His mission is to share carefully guarded marketing tips that will help small-medium business compete on a smaller budget.

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