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The internet impacted the hospitality industry more than almost any customer service-oriented industry, with customers much more easily able to look up multiple properties and potential hotels and compare prices and accommodations in mere minutes and from the comfort of their homes. One thing hasn’t changed, though: customers still like to call their hotel before they visit, and they still expect to hear a live human voice answer when they do. If you don’t have a line open and a friendly voice ready to answer it at all times of day and night, every day of the week and every week of the year, you’re losing business.

Hotel staff can be expensive, however, and having multiple people behind the desk waiting to answer phone calls can be a burdensome expense that hospitality industry owners and operators simply cannot carry. A good hotel receptionist is worth their weight in gold when they’re on the phone, but paying them when the guests aren’t calling quickly erodes their value. Fortunately, that’s an expense you don’t have to bear. Partner with the right 24-hour phone answering service, and you can get top-notch, ’round-the-clock inbound call assistance from a team of trained virtual receptionists, and for less than the cost of a half-asleep night clerk.

Increase Your Hospitality Efficiency with Virtual Receptionists

When they “ring” we’ll answer.

Inbound Customer Service and Phone Answering For HospitalityWith a dedicated, high-quality, North America-based inbound call center handling your hotel’s phone lines, you can maximize the efficiency of your staffing costs and increase your customer service provision at the same time. At a fraction of the cost of hiring sufficient full-time staff to stand behind your hotel’s front desk and wait to answer phones, you can get a full complement of highly-trained, friendly, and professional virtual receptionists. Many of the top answering services offer bilingual call answering, as well, which increases your potential to effectively serve your customers and expand your customer base, too.

Inbound call centers also give you an easy and low-cost way to provide friendly answers to common questions about your hotel, its amenities, and other attractions in the area. Customized scripts can be used to help sell your area and the accommodations available at your hotel, turning a simple question into a chance for a sale. Instead of taking up you and your staff’s valuable time answering the same questions time and time again when new potential guests call in, our team can serve your guests without them knowing they aren’t talking to an in-house concierge!

Hotel Answering Services Keep Rooms Full and Guests Happy

The right answering service can do more than answer your guest’s questions and take care of ringing phones. Booking rooms, processing payments, taking notes for special requests, even tracking caller data to help you figure out where your marketing efforts should be focused—an answering service saves you time and makes you money. And all you have to do to get started is call!

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