How One Missed Call Cost a SPA $900 or More

More importantly then how much this missed call cost the spa is how easily could have been avoided. As I write this it’s the Friday before Mothers Day 2015 and as the procrastinator that I am, I find myself hunting for a Mothers Day gift. Not just one, but one for my mother, one for my kids mom (my wife), and as it turns out one for my daughter – I am a sucker. Okay, well I am not a total procrastinator because I did order flowers and make plans for a festive cookout Sunday after Church.

While I had totally planned to set aside some time to get a few nice gifts, the office meetings, an illness, and a home repair emergency delayed my good intentions. Eureka, I had an idea! I thought “what woman wouldn’t love a nice massage, facial, and a pedicure all wrapped up in one?”. I began my search for a clean upscale facility and I find a package the runs $300, each person, but I’m unclear about the total offer. I don’t really care about the price as these three women are the most important people in my life. So I make the phone call at 10 am, and I am greeted with a machine that says something to the effect of “we are busy with clients – leave a message and we will call you back”. Excited I had finally solved my dilemma I left a message, pulled out my credit card, and eagerly waited for their return call. Noon – no call. 2 pm – no call. And finally 3 pm no call. Even still I didn’t give up, but instead, I called the shop again, only to get the same voice mail. All I wanted to do was place an order or at the very least confirm the price for services. Pressed for time I did what anyone else would do. I called a competitor and having answered the phone and answered the questions I paid for the service. What was the other spa missing? A human. If only I had spoken with a person that could have addressed a few simple questions I would have placed an order, even if I had to finish it online.

The takeaway, an answering service could have taken my call, fielded my easy questions, and saved them a customer. I have learned that this same story is true when calling plumbers, attorneys, home improvement, and countless other industries. It’s your business. Why not try an answering service and discover what you may be missing. Most will gladly give you a free trial to remove the guessing. I’m not patient and don’t like to wait when I have other options. I doubt I’m alone – what do you think?

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Author: Michael C

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