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You can’t be out supervising your landscaping teams, constructing your back- and front-yard wonders, and be back in the office answering the phones all at the same time. With only one of you and only so many hours in the day, some things have to be delegated. Answering your phones ought to be the first.

Now, you could go with a full-time receptionist, paying all of the associated costs and needing to pay overtime—or hire someone else—for lawn care and landscaping maintenance calls that come in the evening, early mornings, or over the weekend. Then there’s sick days and holidays, not to mention that one receptionist can only answer one call at a time…it starts to seem a little inefficient.

Luckily, there’s another answer for landscapers such as yourself.

You Tend to the Weeds, We Tend to Customers as Your Landscapers Answering Service

Partnering with an answering service or inbound call center gives you the freedom to focus on your landscaping without the worry that you might miss a call and a potential customer. With a flexible and scalable staff ready to answer one call, two calls, even ten or more calls at a time, yet that goes immediately off the clock whenever the phone isn’t ringing, you can keep your landscaping business trimmed to the essentials.

After Hours Answering Service For Landscaping CompanyThere’s simply no way an in-house receptionist can compete with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an answering service, so when it comes to keeping your landscaping business lean and profitable, there really isn’t a better option. Get important calls forward to your office or your cell phone, while professional receptionists use custom scripts to provide basic information and set appointments with all of the personalized services your customers expect.

Don’t think smartphones are the perfect solution, either. Many landscapers saw the cell phone age a sign that receptionists of all sorts were no longer needed, but most quickly learned the error of their ways. Not only are there plenty of patches that leave you out of service and unable to receive calls, but interrupting the landscaping work on a job site just to confirm an appointment quickly becomes more hassle than it’s worth. With an answering service working on your behalf, you stay on call and on the job at the same time.

Landscaping Specialists, Meet Your Inbound Call Specialists

As a landscaper, you understand the value of pruning, Cutting away helps reveal the true nature and the true beauty of the plants you work with. Your business is no different—trimming away the excess lets the core of your business, your true nature, shine through. When you move your inbound call handling off-site, you’re giving yourself and your crew room to breathe, and training your company to grow in the right direction. No wasted resources, just revenue-bearing fruit that pops up effortlessly. We make the appointments, you make the green.

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