7 Tips For Improving Your Customer Service Strategy

Do you want your business to be known for its excellent customer service? If so, discover these 7 tips to improve your customer service strategy.

Customer Service TipsBehind every successful business is a well-crafted customer service strategy. You may have the best business or product on the market but without a team of skilled customer-service representatives, your business can’t live up to its potential.

The value and integrity of a business are always determined by the quality of customer service the company has to offer their consumers. A business with happy clients is a successful business.

The key to that success when it comes to service is to consistently update, improve, and train your team. Never leave your customer service element “as is” when things can always be improved upon.

Read on for a list of 7 tips to help you improve your strategy today!

1. It’s All About People Skills

Treating customers with respect and making them feel special is a surefire way to calm potential fires and keep your customer. Invest the money to train your team on “people skills” when it comes to interactions with your customers.

Teach your team that an effective strategy involves empathy and patience with the customer, even if they know the customer is in the wrong. Improve your customer service strategy by teaching your team to be adaptable in tricky situations.

With clear communication and straightforward answers for your customers, your team will be able to resolve difficult situations. With a team trained on every aspect of your products, they’ll be a source of information and facts that can’t be argued with.

2. Consider Phone Manners an Important Part of Your Customer Service Strategy

Offer Good Customer ServiceIn 2017, people have become incapable of having well-mannered conversations over the phone. In a world of business where everything is done by text or e-mail, phone manners are still important.

There is nothing worse as a customer than calling a company with a complaint and being met with resistance and attitude. Often, consumers will immediately switch to a competitive company just because they were treated poorly on the phone once.

Improving your strategy means improving how your customer service representatives speak to your clients on the telephone. Using proper English and an “anything is possible” tone of voice, you’ll appease your consumers while converting them into long-term buyers.

Train your team to handle each phone call with great care. Good customer service on the phone doesn’t need to be disingenuous, but it does need to sound consistently cheery and optimistic. Don’t talk over your customer and make sure they feel heard.

Have customers in foreign countries? Hire a team who can answer the phone in multiple languages. Also, don’t give generic automated responses or send people straight to voicemail. The key is to get personal.

3.Get Personal

As you build your interpersonal skills with your consumers, it is important to get personal with them. People want to feel like they are buying from other good people, not robots.

Take Care of the CustomerHire enough customer service representatives who can handle your customer service strategy efficiently and with care. Eliminate automated email responses and do not send your clients down long winding holes of telephone or website prompts.

It’s important to get to know your client and personalize their experience with your company. Working in retail? After you’ve helped a customer who has heavily shopped with you, create a profile for them for your personal use.

When a new product comes in that you think they’ll love, make the phone call. When it comes to retail, people love feeling like they have a personal shopper on their side. Make them feel like you’re thinking about them and you’ll gain a customer that will only shop with you.

Get personal, and engage your customers.

4. Use Social Media

Ideally, your company has a strong social media presence. Use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and even Instagram to showcase your products and business. When 68% of all U.S. adults use Facebook, it would be silly not to go where the people are.

Engage with your audience through social media platforms to improve your customer service strategy. Interacting with your customers as you respond to their various comments on reviews will make them feel like you care.

Creating a personal experience with your business will attract a large and engaged audience. Post photos and testimonials of other customers on your profiles. Sow your audience that you are real people working on their behalf.

5. Be Available

Available 24 7This is a simple and straightforward approach that can greatly improve your customer service strategy, but it should not be overlooked. Just be available. Whether it’s in taking the time to respond to comments and reviews or by simply picking up the phone to return phone calls, be available.

Meet in person with buyers and contractors. Skype, conference call, and even FaceTime if you need to. Be there for your people. Also, hire a fantastic after-hours answering service to seem constantly available for your buyers.

6. It’s Okay To Be Wrong

If you’ve made a mistake, admit it. Even if you discover that you’ve made a mistake before a client would ever notice, it is absolutely okay to fill them in on it. Informing your consumer of mistakes will build trust and restore confidence.

What’s more? You’ll be able to control the situation by refocusing their attention on how you’ve resolved the issue and plan to move forward. Making mistakes isn’t an issue in the business world, not being able to be forthright with them is.

7. Follow-Up

Follow up with your customers on their experience with your brand or product. Was there an issue in the transaction? Give them a call to make sure they had a good experience when your company fixed the issue.

Following up will make your customer feel satisfied with your customer service strategy by informing them that you’re doing all you can for them. Even something as simple as sending an e-mail or writing a card for consistent clients is a great way to let them know you are on their side.

Go For Gold

When it comes to customer service, there is no shortage of possibilities in what you can do to make their experience a golden one.

From personal skills to phone manners, beef up your customer service strategy with a trained team of professionals. For a free trial of the best live answering service available, contact us today!

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