Inbound Call Answering Services For Tow Truck Companies

Towing Answering Service

Towing is a 24/7 business—not that we need to tell you that. Whether it’s a breakdown or an illegally parked vehicle, an accident or an abandoned car, drivers, law enforcement, and lot owners don’t care what time of day or night it is, what day of the week it is, if it’s a holiday or if you’re trying to take a day off. They want your services fifteen minutes ago, every time they call, and if you don’t pick up the phone they’ll likely be moving down the list. That can cost you a more than a single job; it can cost you repeat business and even cause long-term clients to abandon you if it happens too often.

At the same time, you can’t be constantly chained to your phone waiting for the next call to come in, and you probably can’t afford to have ’round-the-clock office staff ready to take multiple calls at a time then sitting idly by when the phones stop ringing. You need a service that is able to answer all of your calls, no matter when they come in or how many you’re receiving, forwarding the urgent ones to you and handling basic inquiries without interrupting your work…or your sleep, or your time with your family. An answering service for towing companies will answer your calls quickly, set up jobs, dispatch calls to drivers, and much more.

You need an answering service that specializes in providing support for towing companies like yours.

Better Inbound Call Answering Means a Better Towing Business

Overhead for towing companies is relatively low, and that means competition is fierce—competition on price and competition on responsiveness. An answering service will help your towing company with both, limiting your expenses without limiting—in fact, while enhancing—your ability to respond quickly to all incoming calls. With inbound call professionals picking up your line after one or two rings and contacting you immediately for urgent calls, you’ll quickly earn a reputation for a reliable and speedy response.

Operator answering a live call for tow truck companyIt isn’t just the one-time customers that will be impressed, either. You know that the big business comes from law enforcement agencies, motor clubs, insurance companies, and large parking lot owners and operators. If they call you up and don’t get an answer, or it takes too long for you to get the message and show up, they’ll be trying someone else first the next time. With an answering service receiving your towing calls and even integrating with your existing dispatch system, that worry is no more. You’ll be the first choice every time, while the competition has to settle for the leftovers.

Tow Cars, Not Phone Lines

Your job is towing cars and other vehicles, not dragging around multiple phone lines and the high cost of keeping them staffed. One number can handle all the calls you receive, and you’ll only pay for as much receptionist time as you need. Make your towing company the lean competitor the industry demands, and talk to a call center team today to discover how and answering service for towing companies works for you!

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