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Therapists Answering Service: Simple Steps For Better Customer Service

Don’t know why you need an answering service for therapists? We’re here to help.Discover why you need an affordable answering service for therapists stat!

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For many people, it is not an easy decision to reach out for mental health help. When they finally make the call, they are sometimes in a very dark place or in despair.

Even those that call you in a less critical moment need to be handled with compassion. For all patients, their first phone contact is extremely important.

Support For These Fields:

  • Client-Centered Therapist.
  • Existential Therapist.
  • Gestalt Therapist.
  • Humanistic Therapist.
  • Interpersonal Therapist.
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist.
  • Relational Therapist.

Just imagine what happens when you or your office staff are not in the office. What happens when everyone is busy during working hours?

Answering Service Agent

Does it get sent to an impersonal voice mail? Do they sit on hold for a long time? Just imagine the frustration and dejection your patient may feel when this happens. Not the impression you want to leave, is it? A therapist answering service is an answer!

Answering Service for Therapists – The Benefits

Having an answering service for therapists provides many benefits for both the therapist and their patients. With a therapist answering service, you can keep your focus where it needs to be and away from the ringing telephone.

While some therapists may feel guilty about letting someone else take the calls, you will not need to with a therapist answering service. They have your and your patients’ needs fully covered.

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Focus on Patient Care

As a therapist, we know that your number one priority is the care of your patients. When you are having a session with a patient, this takes you away from being able to answer phones.

If you happen to work in a practice that has office staff, even they can’t get to the phone all of the time.

Live Answering Service

With an answering service for therapists, the specially trained representatives are well attuned to your practice’s policies and needs. When they receive a call, the specialized staff can triage each call with compassion and knowledge.

With that, they determine if it is an emergency that needs to be immediately addressed by you or if it is something routine that you can handle later.

If it is a mental health emergency and you are unable to take the call, the therapist answering service can direct them to the proper hotline or emergency services.

Your patients will leave the call without feeling alienated and that someone truly cares about their needs.

Each call is documented thoroughly, allowing you to stay up to date with every conversation your patient has with the service. That way, if someone talks to you about a call taken by the therapist answering service, you will be able to look it up and be fully informed.

Personal Answering Service

Plus, the best answering service for therapists offers multi-language support. Multi-language support ensures your patients will always have someone to answer the phone in their language without waiting or feeling uncared for.

No matter if it is during lunch, before work, after work, or while you are in a patient session, you can be assured that your patients are well taken care of.

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Focus on Your Bottom Line

The old saying goes, “time is money.” Time spent not answering phone calls may mean upset patients or missed opportunities to make an appointment. With a therapist answering service, your dedicated team can make your appointments for you.

With the answering service, your appointment calendar will be kept full of patients that feel valued. The therapist answering service can also perform reminder calls, making sure your schedule is updated, and patients show up at the right time.

Healthcare Answering Service

Free up your office staff and yourself for direct patient care and save money. Therapist answering services can field common questions such as office hours, office location, and appointment confirmations or changes.

Are you tired of all the voicemails? Instead of wasting time returning voicemails with routine questions or requests, you can spend your time doing more important tasks.

You get to keep your local phone numbers. Therapist answering services integrate seamlessly into your current phone service. There is no need to get specialized phone numbers or have your patients remember an after-hours number!

In fact, they will never know that you have outsourced this service. The service is integrated so well that they will think that they are actually speaking with your office staff.

Focus on Efficiency

When you have an answering service for therapists, you know you are using a service designed for efficiency. No matter the need of the caller, they will get it routed to the right person or service with care, speed, and accuracy.

Medical Answering Service

When using a therapist answering service, you get to decide how the service handles the calls. Whether it is how to handle emergencies, billing questions, or general questions, they will accommodate your needs and wishes.

This is both efficient for you and your patients, making sure that every call is screened and handled correctly.

When a message is left for you, they will be forwarded to you with efficiency in a HIPAA secure programs. Being HIPAA compliant is just one of the many pillars of care that the best answering service for therapists use.

They stay up-to-date on the ever-changing HIPAA laws, so you never have to worry about the security of the service.

24 Hour answering service

Outsource You Calls to a Therapist Answering Service

Positive impacts on patient care, your bottom line, and overall efficiency make getting an answering service for therapists an easy decision. With customized, caring services, you will always know that your patients and practice’s needs are being handled 24/7.

Contestant and diligent attention to privacy, professionalism, and confidentiality make choosing a therapist answering service easy!

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