Shaving Costs Around Every Corner By Using an Answering Service

Most business owners have no idea just how many ways an answering service can save them money. In fact, in this article alone we’ll hit on seven different ways that an answering service can save you measurable amounts of money. Don’t forget though, that utilizing such a service is only partially about saving. It also allows you to offer a higher level of customer service to your clients, without having to deal with all the headaches that come with increasing your own staffing to handle incoming calls.

Consider the following ways that an answering service can save you money, and you’ll probably start looking into your options before you’re done with the article.

Put the Canned Voicemail in the Trash

Every call that gets transferred to a voicemail system because your receptionist is on the other line is like money burning in a trashcan. When someone is really in a hurry to purchase a product or service, if they get an answering machine there is a great chance that their next move is to hang up, and immediately call the next provider on their list. The best answering services have enough people active at any given time that no calls ever get missed, and every person who reaches out to your company will be dealt with professionally.

A Flu Shot for Your Profits

When you’re paying a receptionist on your own staff to answer the phones, that luxury comes with all the added expenses of an additional team member, including sick days. When you use an answering service, you never end up paying for sick days, and you never end up with the madhouse that results when a staff member has to stay home from work with the flu.

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Build Profits, Not Desks

To have an employee manning your own telephone lines, you need desk space, office furniture, all the technology that makes up a modern workstation, and of course the phone lines. When utilizing the services of an answering service you have none of this overhead to contend with. This is why companies outsource so many of their tasks in the modern business world. The cost of installing and maintaining this type of infrastructure simply doesn’t bring enough benefit with it to make it worthwhile.

On-Time, Every Time

Even the best employees are late sometimes, and many businesses struggle with attendance issues. When this problem gets out of hand, you’re stuck with having to either replace the worker or with having other team members take up the slack. When you utilize an answering service, you pay for the service you receive only and don’t have to concern yourself with these kinds of issues.

Slam Shut the Revolving Door

Speaking of having to replace a worker, employee turnover is something that many industries struggle with. Lower paid positions, like receptionists, tend to have some of the highest turnover rates. Whenever you have to replace an employee, you’re stuck with lost time and additional costs. With an answering service, you don’t have to replace anybody, as the staffing and training are all handled from the provider’s end.

Old Dogs That Already Know All the Tricks

Which leads of course, to the cost of training. Anytime you have a new employee you have to take time to get them up to speed and have one of your other staff members taking time away from their primary focus to training them. When you utilize a crew of pre-trained agents, this cost evaporates, as they already know everything that they need to in order to provide you with great service.

One-Stop Corporate Shopping

Finally, anytime you utilize in-house staff, you also have to pay someone to manage them. Or, you could opt to utilize a professional answering service instead, where you are guaranteed to get professional agents who already know how to do their job. Skilled team leaders who ensure that your service is always operating at a high level manage the agents.

It doesn’t take a high-powered accountant to do the math in this situation. Any business can save themselves time and money very quickly by shifting to a model that employs a professional answering service instead of in-house telephone reception.

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