Create a Buying Frenzy With These Simple Techniques – A Technique so Obvious, Yet Even the Wisest Businessman Misses it

Yes, you can greatly improve advertising results and this article explains how to employ simple, yet incredibly powerful techniques that will double, if not triple your results without spending more money.

Advertising in any format is generally expensive and if you don’t get a return on your investment you might find yourself on dangerous ground and at risk of losing your company, but nonetheless if you don’t advertise you’re not likely to be in business very long either.

There’s and old expressing that says “Owning a business without advertising is like smiling in the dark. You know you’re doing it but no one else does”.

The expression is accurate and with that in mind many business owners pump out tens of thousands of dollars each month to advertise in print, online, radio, and on other formats, and then they sit back and hope for the best. When they fail to see positive results from their marketing their default mode is almost always to assume the medium isn’t working, buy more ads, or change the message (promotional offer) in their ads. But what if the problem was something else, and what if it was so obvious that we could miss it if we were not carful? What if the answer to the problem was not more advertising and changing campaign messages but instead an incredibly small investment could totally transform your entire marketing system? Well assuming you are marketing with an effective medium and you have the basics covered then the right solution usually is completely overlooked. Of course we still highly recommend examining your message and where/how you promote it first, and then taking a look at the more obvious solution.

How to Drastically Improve Your Advertising Results With 5 Techniques That Will Motivate People to Respond and Take Immediate Action

The Big Print – Is Your Message Clear About its Value and the Problem it Solves? When consumers see your marketing pieces they should instantly know what problem you are solving for them, however many businesses focus more on their product then their solution. For example if you were selling diet pills and all that stood out were words like “lose weight” and photos of “before and after people” you might not be hitting the real hot button. However using a large print headline like “Everything a Woman Over 30 Needs to Know About Getting Fat” would change everything because it’s different, it’s powerful, and it speaks to a targeted audience about a real problem. Further, it seems more informative than just trying to push a product. Changing the focus of your message from your product to the consumers need can instantly improve your marketing campaign, so advertisers should always let their headline stand out and to be the biggest enticer to draw buyers into the rest of advertisement. Usually answering a “how to” question can get the job done, such as someone selling windows might promote a message of “How One Local Home Owner Cut His Electric Bill by 26% and Saved over $542”.

The Small Print – Are You Addressing Common Objections? Every industry has common objections and you need to answer them (but don’t use the big print to do it). Assuming you have drawn the consumer in it’s now time to address the questions that might keep them from replying. Continuing with the model of selling a diet pill the small print would address questions like “is it safe?”, “is there proof it works?”, and “why is this any different than all the other products?”. Leave no room for doubt and you’ll encourage your audience to make contact with you for more information.

Qualifying Statement – Why You? What makes you different, better, and trustworthy? This question goes through everyone’s mind and needs to be answered. Unless you have a monopoly you need to standout in a big way! In this example we will use the scenario of a company that advertises a marketing firm, in which case a qualifying statement might read something like “XYZ Marketing has created over 100 million in advertising for over 600 businesses which collectively have reported a 173% ROI in the first 60 days”. Of course this qualifying statement would need to be true and credible, but you can clearly see how it would excite the reader and stimulate the buying process to move forward.

Try a News Story Format: A news story format is a great technique for drawing people in (plus it gives the feel of a “third party” recommendation style write up) to take away the feeling of being pitched to buy something, but the down side is you might need to purchase more ad space to pull it off effectively. Just as described above in the “big print – problem solving” technique your headline must be powerful and really grab interest quickly and effectively. Imagine a company that sold retirement solutions and advertised using this headline – “How a 38 Year Old Plumber Was Able to Retire on a Small Investment Available to Everyone”. Anyone concerned with retiring would be captivated by a headline like this, and of course you would go on to tell the true story using all the other techniques listed in this article.

Call To action: The consumer must clearly know how to take action and move forward. Online it may be a “try it free” button or a toll-free number, but a good call to action will also be preceded by some compelling statement to motivate the next move. Keeping with the “marketing firm” for this example a call to action might look like this – “these are only a few of the ways to make advertising more effective, please visit our website for 34 more mind blowing facts on advertising that can help make the difference on outstanding and mediocre advertising”.

Here’s an Example of How an Effective Ad Might Look (and get read)

Advertising Template

There’s Something So Obvious That Business Owner Miss it, and it Can Single Handily Increase Advertising Results by 200% or More

Okay, so now you have your ads working, but are YOU really capitalizing on them to the fullest? This final recommendation is so obvious that it’s often completely overlooked by millions of business owners who instead choose to just fork out more money for marketing so that they can increase their sales. Before you pull out your checkbook to buy another costly ad you would be well served to ask yourself how many calls from potential customers do you or a staff member answer live and how many callers are greeted with voice-mail machines. The common misconception in business today is that people responding to ads have no problem leaving a message with voice mail and will just wait for a return call. In spite of returning calls only to discover that the consumer had already called a competitor we can still get in the mindset of thinking our customers don’t mind waiting. The fact is most people just hang up and call someone else that might answer the phone.

Consider you have a massive leak with water damage pilling up and you call a plumber only to end up in voice mail land. Your problem is serious. Would you wait or call another plumber that is available now to solve your big problem?

You need an attorney to discuss a serious legal matter, you find one online, and you call and get voice mail. Ask yourself, isn’t it very possible you’d call another attorney immediately following the current call. Of course it is.

You see we live in world where we want our problems solved an hour ago, and that means we want to talk with someone on the spot. An answering machine tells us you’re not available and to expect to wait to have our problem solved.

However we know it’s not possible to answer every call 24/7, is it? Attorneys are in court, contractors are on the job, and what about calls that come in after hours, nights, weekends, or holidays? In some industries as much as 35% of their potential customers are coming in after the receptionist leaves for the day.

Fortunately The Solution is Easy and Cheap, and likely More Effective Than Any Previous Technique We Shared Above

A live answering service literally acts as your receptionist (only remotely) and answers your phone calls in your company’s name to assist your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your customers get to talk to a live caring person that assures them that their problems are being addressed in the “now” which prevents them from hanging up or calling someone else for a solution. The service instantly can text or email you the message, or if requested they can transfer specific types of calls (like new customers) to your home or cellular. Without making a single change to any of your marketing campaigns this one step can increase your close rate (from advertisements) by more than 100% overnight.

What’s The Cost? Typically the cost to have a live receptionist on call 24/7 will be as little as $0.79 a call, and when you consider how much revenue a single new customer generates it becomes an obvious solution that you can ill-afford not to have.

How Hard is it to Set Up? There is no software or hardware ever required. You simply press a couple of buttons on your phone and your calls are instantly transferred on demand to your personal answering service.

And if that’s not enough to sell you on this “must have” solution then consider that almost every answering service provider offers a 7-14 day free trial requiring no contact and no credit card, and further the free trial period is usually more than enough time to fully prove the existence of a huge ROI, thus removing any doubt before making a move.

Take our advice, try it and if you’re like most people you’ll wonder how you ever survived in business without it. To get a few quotes to compare prices just click below and we’ll help you.

Answering Service Quotes

Author: Michael C

Michael has over 30 years of executive call center and answering service experience. He is a successful business owner and lead generation expert and shares tips to help other entrepreneurs build and grow their business through leads generation and lead capture solutions. His mission is to share carefully guarded marketing tips that will help small-medium business compete on a smaller budget.

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