How Non-Profit Organizations Can Benefit From The Use Of Answering Services

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Benefit From The Use Of Answering Services

If you are running a non-profit organization, you are running a concept that requires your unbound love and time commitment. You may often find yourself managing too many tasks including marketing your non-profit and designing effective awareness-generating fundraising campaigns. To make things easier for you, you may want to hire an answering service that will not only boost your visibility but will also allow your staff to focus on key activities such as promoting your non-profit through online and offline channels and effectively engaging in field work that will fullfill the purpose of your organization. By hiring an answering service, you will not only make your organization look professional, but you will also make your services more available to people who want to contact you.

Non-profits often remain understaffed due to the lack of availability of volunteers and even if they have several volunteers on board, there are chances that the volunteers do not have adequate phone skills to handle calls in an efficient and effective way. Answering services, on the other hand, employ trained professionals who can handle your calls in an appropriate manner and provide information to your donors, news agencies, and prospective volunteers.

By providing a toll-free number, you will not only encourage people to contact you, but you will also boost the reputation of your business. However, toll-free numbers come as parts of expensive phone packages that may prove to be a little heavy for your pocket. When you partner with an answering service, you will get a toll-free number as part of your package and this will really help you in keeping an equal footing with the larger players in your industry. People, who will call you from other states, will no longer need to remember your area code and phone number and instead, they can use your toll-free number to access you easily.

By keeping a professional point of contact in place, you will make it easier for donors to contact you and donate to your cause. When your social media campaigns become a hit and when your fieldwork really grabs the attention of others, you need to make sure that you have someone reliable to answer your phones. If your prospective donors do not get appropriate answers for their queries, you may lose them to other players. Even your dedicated donors may stop contacting you if they find your donation process to be unprofessional. There may be times when you may get calls from the media and these are the times when you will want to ensure maximum availability. Your answering service may offer you basic message relaying services by sending out messages to your smartphone, fax machine, or email or it may also transfer important calls to you directly thereby making sure that you don’t miss high-priority calls.

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