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Rather than replacing telephones, the Internet has made fast and accurate inbound call answering more important than ever for many service-based businesses such as limousine charters and town-car services. If your customers can’t reliably get a hold of you by phone when they need a lift—whether it’s an immediate need or an appointment they’re trying to schedule for a later date—they’ll be moving quickly on to the next service on their list. They might go online to look, but they call to book, and an answering service can mean the difference between a long-term customer or a major missed opportunity.

It isn’t just the sales and customer service aspects of a limo business that can be boosted by the right answering service, either. An offsite, well-staffed, professional, and affordable inbound call center can help you on the back-end, making scheduling and dispatch a breeze and often eliminating the need for any of your office staff to handle routine calls. This can mean reduced costs and increased efficiency and accuracy for you and your drivers, and that can only be good for your customers and your profitability.

Party Bus Answering Service | Limousine Dispatch Services That Answer the Call 24/7

After Hour Phone Answering for Limo CompaniesAsk our current limousine service clients, and they’ll say the two most important things in a dispatch service are efficiency and accuracy. You want your limousines to get where they’re needed as quickly and economically as possible, and to marshal your overall resources in a way that enables you to serve as many clients as possible. However many calls are coming and wherever they’re coming from, you want them answered promptly and your town cars routed effectively to the right place the first time, on time, every time. That’s what your customers want, too.

While an answering service can’t set up the basic in-car and in-office location systems necessary for a modernized dispatch system, the best answering services can network with your dispatch system to contact drives and direct them to call-in customers, and to relay other messages from your central office to drivers and vice-versa during the normal course of business. Effective and efficient dispatch is as important to limousine services as an excellent customer reputation, and it’s part of keeping that reputation as well. Make it easy on yourself and your customers by letting an answering service ensure streamlined and consistent limo coordination.

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There’s no time like the present to increase your customer service quality and consistency, boost your dispatch accuracy and efficiency, and make your business the sleek profit generator you know it can be. Get in touch with our answering service professionals today, and push your limousine and town-car service as far as you feel like taking it.

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