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5 Answering Service Benefits for 24-Hour Dental Care Practices

Making sure your 24-hour dental care practice has adequate answering and scheduling round the clock is essential to your business.

Nearly 96% of people believe customer service is important to gain their loyalty.

Emergencies happen so it’s crucial patients can access your practice’s 24-hour dental care. An effective way to streamline the process is by hiring an answering service so you can focus on delivering high-quality.

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If you’re unsure how an answering service can benefit you, we’ve got you covered. Here are five major advantages.

1. Create a Great First Impression

Research has found it takes seven seconds to make a first impression.

The last thing patients want when they call emergency dental services is a flustered receptionist answering the phone. Instead, hire a dental answering service so each call is handled politely to put patients at ease.

Further, dental practices offer emergency dental care and regular appointments. When it’s the former, patients want to connect immediately, guaranteed with an answering service.

2. Taking Messages

When patients call after hours, they don’t want to leave an automated message that could be overlooked. Patients would prefer to leave a message with a receptionist, or an answering service, as they know they’ll receive high-quality care.

This helps organize practices so the dentist staff has a schedule filled with accurate appointments.

3. Immediate Appointment Scheduling

Dental practices that use voicemail services end up creating a long, messy process. For instance, only some patients leave messages, and those who won’t will wait for your call. But there’s a risk they’ll miss it again which prolongs the appointment scheduling process further.

If a patient wants to book an emergency dental extraction after hours they want it done immediately which is only possible with an answering service.

4. Route Calls to the Right Person

When a patient calls a dental emergency practice, they want their questions to be properly answered. A receptionist provides basic information like the opening hours and available procedures.

But if there’s a specific subject, an answering service can forward their call to the right person to avoid misinformation. Plus, you don’t bombard your dental staff with basic questions that an answering service could provide.

5. Screen Calls 24/7

Although you have set office hours, you’re always on call. If dental urgent care is required at night then the phone will ring.

But many of these aren’t real emergencies and can wait until the next day, giving you extra time to rest. When you hire an answering service, the operator can screen the calls and decide whether or not it’s an emergency.

And if it’s a real crisis, the operator will call you directly.

That’s How Answering Services Help 24-Hour Dental Care

Now you know how 24-hour dental care benefits from answering services.

Whether it’s screening calls for emergencies to relieving dental staff from admin tasks, answering services streamline the process so your dental practice runs more efficiently.

As a result, dental staff can focus on delivering high-quality services and taking care of patients.

If you’re seeking an answering service, we’d love to help. Contact us here for more information.

Compare Answering Service Companies

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