Answering Service Price Guide

Answering Service Price Calculator – Control Your Cost, Don’t Be Controlled

Just how much should an answering service cost and what if you could control the fees and plans to get the best rate from local call centers? The fact is you are in more control than you may think. From flat rate pricing, pay-per-call, or pay by the minute plans we’ll get you the most affordable and competitive rates from companies that will deliver their lowest prices, and the good news you won’t have to be a super negotiator to get that reduced price, because they know you’re shopping. We know time is important and getting the most for your money is even more important. That’s why we offer a one stop solution for you to complete one form and get quotes on answering services within 1 business day. Describe your needs (takes 30 seconds) and we will connect you with providers delivering their best prices on inbound call services that match your requirements. You deal directly with them – they fight for your business. You save time and money.

Pay For Time Usage Only: This type of plan bills you for actual time used. Most of the time you will be billed by the minute. Some companies bill in one minute increments so it’s best to use a service that bills in 10-15 second time increments, and ideally actual seconds used. Expect to pay a typical monthly base rate of $39 – $49 plus your actual usage. The cost per minute will vary between $0.98 – $1.25 depending on requirements.

Pay Per Call: As with the vast majority of call centers, our affiliates no longer offer these type plans. However, the cost per call can easily be managed by limiting the amount of data the agent collects. For example, a call that can be completed in 30 – 45 seconds will cost somewhere between $0.70 – $0.95, whereas calls lasting 1 – 2 minutes will cost around $1.15 – $2.30. For example, calls to capture contact info and a brief message are usually billed for a fraction of the cost of ones that schedule appointments or field multiple questions.


Flat Rate Plans: A program that promises flat rates can be offered in a few ways, but the basic understanding of this solution today is you pay a flat fee for a predetermined number minutes. In the past call centers would offer unlimited levels of calls for one low cost, but excessive calls caused them to nearly go extinct. Today’s plans still offer various numbers of calls for a flat rate plus a reasonable fee for any overage time you may incur.

Pay as You Go: This program allows you to have a monthly base rate of $0.00 and you only pay for the actual time used. In some cases a small security deposit of up to $100 may be necessary to protect the supplier in the event you have excessive usage and don’t pay your invoice. A credit check may also be requested which you may or may not be required to pay for.